Scottish Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
ConorStrong Willed Or WiseMale
CraigDwells At The CragMale
DallasDwells By The WaterfallMale
DanielGod Is My Judge. The Biblical Prophet And Writer Of Book Of Daniel Was A Teenager When Taken To Babylon After The Destruction Of Jerusalem In 607 BC. He Survived Two Death Sentences: (A Lions' Den And A Fiery Furnace.): Frontiersman Daniel Boone.Male
DarrenGreat. See Also Darin.Male
DarylDearly Loved: Variant Of Darrell.Male
DavidDearly LovedMale
DavitaBeloved. Feminine Of David.Female
DeanFrom The DeneMale
DeclanThe Name Of An Irish Saint.Male
DeeAbbreviation Of Names Beginning With The Letter D.Female
DelisaVariant Of Latin Delicia Meaning Gives Pleasure.Female
DeweyPlace-Name And Surname: Welsh Form Of David.Male
Don"Mother Goddess."Female
DonaldGreat Chief. Donald Is A Major Scottish Clan Names.Male
DonaldaRules AllFemale
DorrellVariant Of Dorran Stranger.Male
DougFrom The Dark River. The Scottish Douglas Clan Had Two Historical Branches: (Black Douglases And Red Douglases.) The Lords Of These Clans Figure In Sir Walter Scott's Novels.Male
DouglasDwells By The Dark StreamMale
DrewAbbreviation Of Andrew. Modern Actress Drew Barrymore.Female

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