Geographical Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
IonaFrom The King's IslandFemale
IsraelGod Perseveres: Contends. In The Bible When Jacob Was In His Nineties As A Token Of Blessing God Changed His Name To Israel.Male
JacksonSon Of JackMale
JasperVariant Of Caspar Or Gaspar Keeper Of The Treasure.Male
JerichoCity Of The Moon. In The Bible Jericho Was A Canaan City Destroyed When Its Walls Fell Down.Male
JordanFlowing DownMale
JudahThe Praised One. The Fourth Of Biblical Jacob's 12 Sons.Male
KenyaEast African Name Meaning "Artist."Female
KimberlyFrom The Royal Fortress MeadowFemale
KingstonFrom The King's Village Or Estate King's Field. King Is One Of Several Titles Occasionally Used As Given Names.Male
KnoxFrom The HillsMale
LincolnLakeside Colony. The Name Of An Early Roman Settlement In England.Male
LoganFrom The HollowMale
LorraineMade Famous In BattleFemale
LourdesReference To The Virgin MaryFemale
MadisonSon Of A Mighty WarriorMale
MarianaCompound Name Combining Marie And Anne, "Bitter Grace."Female
MarielDiminutive Of Maria.Male

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