Geographical Baby Names, Page 5

Baby NameMeaningGender
MeadowField Of FlowersFemale
MelbourneFrom The Mill StreamMale
MerciaFrom MerciaFemale
Milan"Union, Combine, Joining"Male
MitchellLike GodMale
MorganFighter Of The SeaMale
MoriahGod Teaches. Biblical Name Of The Mount Of The Jerusalem's Temple Of Solomon.Female
NancyVariant Of Anne Favor: Grace.Female
NewtonFrom The New FarmMale
NileFrom The NileFemale
NovaChases Butterfly (Hopi)Female
OlympiaFrom OlympusFemale
OrionSon Of FireMale
OrlandoRenowned In The Land. Form Of Roland.Male
ParisMyth Name (Son Of Priam)Male
PeytonPatrician: Noble. Form Of Patrick.Male
PhilippineLoves HorsesFemale
Phoenix"Mystical Bird, Purple"Male
PrincetonPrincipal One: First. The Rock Musician Prince.Male
RaleighFrom The Roe Deer MeadowMale

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