Geographical Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
RenoAbbreviation Of Names Like Moreno. A City In Nevada.Male
RomaFrom RomeFemale
RomanFrom RomeMale
SalemPeace. Biblical Name Of Ancient City Later Identified With Jerusalem.Male
SamaraProtected By GodFemale
SantiagoNamed For Saint JamesMale
SavannahFrom The Open PlainFemale
ScottFrom ScotlandMale
ShannonLittle Old Wise OneMale
SharonFrom The Land Of SharonFemale
SheltonFrom The Ledge Farm Deep Valley.Male
ShilohThe One To Whom It Belongs. In The Bible Shiloh Is A Prophetic Name For The Messiah: Also Shiloh Is Significant As The Site Of A Crucial Battle In The American Civil War.Male
SienaA Town In Italy.Female
SierraDark Feminine Of Ciaran.Female
StantonStony Meadow. Surname.Male
SydneyFollower Of Saint DenysFemale
TaraIrish/Gaelic Name Meaning "Rocky Hill," Or "From The Crag Of A Tower."Variants Include Tarah, Tarra, And Tarrah.Female
TravisCrossing: Crossroads.Male

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