Hip-Hop Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
ElliottVariant Of Elijah My God Is Jehovah.Male
ElmoWorthy To Be LovedMale
EmeraldThe Prized Green Emerald Gemstone.Female
ErykahUnknown. Alternative Spelling To EricaFemale
EveLife. Living One. In The Bible Eve Was Adam's Wife And The First Woman.Female
EverlyFrom Ever's MeadowMale
FatimahVariation Of Fatima. Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad: One Of Four Perfect Women Mentioned In The Koran. The Other Three Were Aisha: Khadijah: And Mary.Female
GenesisOrigin: Birth. Genisis Is The Name Of The First Book In The Bible. Genisia - The Virgin Mary Of Turin - Is A Protectress Invoked Against Drought In Catholic Tradition.Female
GermaineLoud Of VoiceFemale
GeronimoSpanish Form Of Jerome SacredMale
GingerPep: Liveliness The Pungent Ginger Root Is Used As A Spice. Nickname For Virginia.Female
HamiltonFrom The Grassy EstateMale
HarrellMountain Of GodMale
HasanaHausa Of W. Africa Name Meaning "First Born Of Twins."Female
HeatherA Flowering Evergreen Plant That Thrives On Peaty Barren Lands As In Scotland. HeatherFemale
HeavenFrom The Heavens.Female
HoustonFrom Hugh's Town. Place-Name And Surname. American West Texan General Sam Houston. A City In Texas USA.Male
ImaniFaith (One Of The Seven Principles Of Kwanzaa)Female

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