Hip-Hop Baby Names, Page 5

Baby NameMeaningGender
IngaDaughter Of A HeroFemale
IrvineFriend. See Also Ervin.Male
IsisMyth Name (Goddess Of Magic)Female
JaliyahA Gift From God.Female
JarellBlend Of Jar And Darell. See Also Jerrell.Male
JayVariant Of Names Like Jason And Jacob.Male
JazlynModern Variant Of Jasmine: Combination Of Jocelyn And The Musical Term Jazz.Female
JeanGift From GodMale
JermaineBrotherly. Variant Of Germaine. Singer Jermaine Jackson.Male
JohnJehovah Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor. In The Bible John The Baptist Baptized Christ In The Jordan River. Variants Have Been Created In Almost Every Language.Male
JohnsonSon Of JohnMale
JosephGod Will MultiplyMale
JossAbbreviation Of Joshua Jehovah Is Salvation.Male
KamaLove KAMALAFemale
KanikaKenyan Name Meaning "Black Material."Female
Karma"Actions Are Fate."Female
KenanMalawi Name. Meaning Unknown.Male
KendrickSon Of HarryMale
KenyaEast African Name Meaning "Artist."Female
KhadijahMuhammad's First Wife Who The Koran Describes As One Of Four Perfect Women. (Fatima And Mary And Aisha Were The Others.)Female
KimGold, GoldenFemale

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