German Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
FernandaAdventurous. Feminine Of Fernando.Female
FinnFair. Mythology: Finn Mac Cumhail Was Legendary Irish 3Rd Century Hero Similar To The English Robin Hood. His Warrior-Followers Were Named Finians.Male
FonzieAbbreviation Of Alfonso.Male
FrantzFree: A Free Man.Male
FredaPeaceful Ruler. Feminine Of Frederick.Female
FrederikaPeaceful Ruler. Feminine Of Frederick.Female
FremontFree Man: A Man Freed From Bound Servitude To An Overlord. Surname.Male
GaborHungarian Form Of Gabriel (Strength From God)Male
GaryCarries SpearsMale
GenevieveWhite WaveFemale
GeraldineMighty With A Spear. Rules By The Spear. Feminine Of Gerald.Female
GerhardHard SpearMale
GertrudeFrom The Protected FarmFemale
GoddardHard SpearMale
GretchenVariant Of Margaret. Little PearlFemale
GriceldaGray: Gray-Haired. Italian Author Giovanni Boccaccio Used The Name For An Exceptionally Patient Fictional Wife - Thus The Expression Patience Of Griselda.Female
GriseldaGray Battle MaidenFemale
GriswoldFrom The Gray ForestMale
GuthrieGaelic Name Meaning "Windy Spot."Variant, Guthry Exists. HALEYMale
HackettLittle HackerMale
HaganLittle HughMale
HaldenFrom Denmark.Male
HamletFrom The Little HomeMale
HannaArabic Form Of John (Gracious God)Male

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