German Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
LeondraLion: Lioness. Feminine Of Leon.Female
LeopoldaOf The PeopleFemale
LindbergFrom The Linden Tree HillMale
LiseDevoted To GodFemale
LonzoReady: Eager. Abbreviation Of Alonzo.Male
LoringFamous In BattleMale
LouisFamous In War Form Of Lawrence.Male
LudwigFamous FighterMale
LukasBringer Of Light. Variant Of Lucas.Male
MalloryArmy CounselorFemale
MandelMakes GarmentsMale
MareldaFamous Battle MaidenFemale
MargretGerman Form Of Margaret (Child Of Light: Pearl)Female
MarkusOf Mars. The Roman Fertility God Mars For Whom March Was Named.Male
MarlenaVariant Of Madeline Woman From Magdala.Female
Mathias"Variant Of Matthias, Biblical Name Meaning"Male
MathildeStrong In WarFemale
MatildaMother Of MerlinFemale
MaximilianThe Greatest.Male

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