German Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
IlsaAbbreviation Of Elizabeth.Female
IrmineWar GoddessFemale
IvoArcher's Bow.Male
JarmanA GermanMale
JarvisSharp SpearMale
JoachimGod PreparesMale
JohannVariant Of The Hebrew John Jehovah Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor.Male
JohanneLegend Name JOLGEIRMale
JohannesGerman Form Of JohnMale
KeiferBarrelmaker Variation Of Cooper. Surname.Male
KelbyDark: Dark-Haired.Male
KevinHandsome Child. Name Of A Famous Irish Hermit-Saint. Kevin Is The Most Popular Of Many Spellings.Male
KonradBold Adviser.Male
KurtHonest AdvisorMale
LamiaMyth Name (An Evil Spirit Who Abducts And Murders Children)Female
LandraCounselor. Abbreviation Of Landrada.Female
LaureleiAlternative Spelling: Lorelei.Female
LennyAbbreviation Of Leonard.Male
LeolaLoyal: Faithful.Female

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