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Arabic Baby NamesArabic is spoken across the Middle East and North Africa by 300 million people in the Islamic world. Today many Arabic parents all over the world choose from Arabic baby names because of their traditional literature. If you are of Arabic heritage or you are looking for exotic baby names, you will surely love these Arabic names. Here at, we have many beautiful names for you to consider when selecting an Arabic name.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AkhenatenDevoted To AtenMale
AmenMyth Name (God Of A United Egypt)Male
AmenhotepName Of A PharaohMale
AmonFaithful Or Roaring StreamMale
AmsuMyth Name (Personification Of Reproduction)Male
AmunMyth Name (God Of Mystery)Male
AmunetMyth Name (Goddess Of Mystery)Female
AnatMyth Name (A Wife Of Seth)Female
AnippeDaughter Of The NileFemale
AnubisMyth Name (God Of The Dead)Male
AnumBorn FifthMale
AstarteMyth Name (A Wife Of Seth)Female
AtenMyth Name (Sun-Disk)Male
AusetMyth Name (Another Name For Isis)Female
AziziSwahili Name And Kiswahili Word Meaning "A Treasure, Excellent; Precious One."Male
BabafemiLoved By His FatherMale
BadruSwahili Name Meaning "Born At Full Moon."Male
BakariNoble OathMale

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