Biblical Baby Names, Baby Names from Bible of 2013

Biblical Baby NamesMaybe you want to pass on your faith and spiritual beliefs to your child, then a biblical baby name is perfect for your baby. The biblical name Jacob has been the most popular boy baby name for several years, also Isabella has been at the top of the girl baby names for years. Here at, we raise up a selection of the most popular biblical baby names for you.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AaronHigh MountainMale
Abigail"Father Rejoices."Some Variants Include Abagail, Abaigeal, Abbey, Abbie, And Abby. Diminutive, Gail, Also Exists.Female
AbrahamFather Of A Multitude.Variants Include Avraham, Aram, Abarron, And AvidorMale
AdaIbo Of Nigeria Name For Firstborn Females.Female
AdamOf The Red EarthMale
AndrewManly: Brave. In The Bible The First Of The Twelve Apostles Chosen. Andrew Is Patron Saint Of Scotland And Russia. See Also Jedrick And Kendrick.Male
AnnaArthur's SisterFemale
ArielLioness Of GodFemale
AvaVariant Of Medieval Given Names Avis And AvelineFemale
BarakFlash Of Lightning. In The Bible The Valiant Fighting Man Barak Cooperated With The Prophetess Deborah To Win Victory In Battle Against Overwhelming Odds.Male
BarnabasSon Of ProphecyMale
BathshebaAlso Known As BATSHEVA, This Is The Daughter Of The Queen Of Sheba, The Legendary Ruler Of Abyssinia. The Name Means "Daughter Of The Oath."Female
BenjaminSon Of The Right Hand. In The Bible The Patriarch Jacob's Twelfth And Most Beloved Son.Male
BethanyA Village Near Jerusalem Where Jesus Visited Mary: Martha And Lazarus.Female
CandaceCandace Was An Ancient Hereditary Title Used By Ethiopian Queens.Female

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