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Poetic Baby NamesMaybe you are waiting for the coming of your little angel, it is time to consider naming him or her. Although you may do not know the gender of it. If you are a poet or an artist you may want something artistic, unique and poetic. You can get the inspiration from those great poets, also you can turn to the works of Shakespeare, the world famous genius of poet. We collected the most poetic baby names here, most of them are dreamy and lyrical, check out them at 9babynames.com and enjoy!

Baby NameMeaningGender
Abital"My Father Is Dew." Variant, Avital, Exists.Female
AbrahamFather Of A Multitude.Variants Include Avraham, Aram, Abarron, And AvidorMale
AdaIbo Of Nigeria Name For Firstborn Females.Female
AdamOf The Red EarthMale
AdamsonSon Of AdamMale
AddisonSon Of Adam.Male
AdelaideSweet Or NobleFemale
AdelineSweet: Of The Nobility. Noble.Female
AdrianaDark; From AdriaFemale
AdrianoDark: Variant Of Adrian. From Adria.: (The Adriatic Sea Region.)Male
AhlamWitty; Imaginative; One Who Has Pleasant DreamsFemale
AidanIrish/Gaelic Name Meaning "Fire" Or "Little Fire." Variants Include Adan, Adeen, Aden, Aideen, Aiden.Female
AislinnIrish/Gaelic Name Meaning "Vision; Dream."Variants Include Aislin, Aisling, Ashling, Isleen.Female
AlanFair: Handsome. See Also Allen.Male
AlbionWhite Cliffs. Ancient Poetic Name For Britain.Male
AlcinaMyth Name Of A Sorceress Who When Tired Of Her Lovers Would Turn Them Into Trees, Stones Or Animals.Also Feminine Form Ofalcinous (King Who Entertained Odysseus). Variants Include Alcine, Alcinia, Allcine, Allcinia, Alseena, Alsina, Alsinia, Alsyna, AlzinFemale
AlexAbbreviation Of Alexander. Defender Of Man.Male
AlexanderDefender Of ManMale
Alima"Cultured; Wise; Knows Dance And Music." Variant Alimah Exists.Female

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