Weird Baby Names, Baby Names with Weird Meanings

Weird Baby NamesSometimes it is really hard to choose a baby name, because you do not want a popular baby name called everywhere. You just want a baby name different from anyone else, maybe nearly unique in the world. Then check out the weird baby names at, we raise up some baby names with weird, strange and unusual meanings.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AbbottAbbey FatherMale
AdelisaOf The Nobility. Noble.Female
BetteA Form Of Elizabeth.Female
BoothLives In A HutMale
CassiopeiaMyth Name (Mother Of Andromeda)Female
CharlieA Man: Variant Of Carl.Male
ChurchillLives At The Church HillMale
ClancyRuddy WarriorMale
ConcettaFrom The Immaculate ConceptionFemale
CorradoBold, Sage CounselorMale
Daisy"The Day's Eye."Female
DalisDrawing WaterFemale
ElkeNoble. Variant Of Alice.Female
EverStrong As A BoarMale
EverlyFrom Ever's MeadowMale
FrazierVariant Of Fraser Of The Forest Men.Male
FredericaPeaceful Ruler. Feminine Of Frederick.Female
GarlandCrowned With FlowersFemale

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