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Tree Baby NamesWe all know that parents have recently embraced nature names, for instance tree-inspired names, they are a refreshing category that brings to mind aspects of nature. Some tree names are lively and energetic, while others are calm and peaceful. The below tree baby names are inspirated from the forest and trees, ranging from the conservative to the adventurous.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AaseTree-Covered Mountain AEGILEIFFemale
AbsalomFather Is PeaceMale
AckerleyFrom The Oak-Tree MeadowMale
AckleyDwells At The Oak Tree MeadowMale
AdairFrom The Ford By The Oak TreesMale
AdairaFrom The Oak Tree FordFemale
AdairiaFrom The Oak Tree FordFemale
Adara"Virgin."Also An Greek Name Meaning "Beauty," And A Hebrew Name Meaning "Fire." Variants, Adar And Adra, Exist.Female
AdareFrom The Ford Of The Oak TreeMale
AdoetteLarge TreeFemale
AekerFrom The Oak TreeMale
AekerleyFrom The Oak Tree MeadowMale
AekleyFrom The Oak Tree MeadowMale
AeldraLives At The Elder TreeMale
AescbyFrom The Ash Tree FarmMale
AescfordLives By The Ash Tree FordMale
AescleahLives In The Ash Tree GroveMale
AesclinLives At The Ash Tree PoolMale
AesctunFrom The Ash Tree FarmMale
AesoburneLives Near The Ash Tree BrookMale
Afra"Doe; Young Deer." Also Arabic Name Meaning "Color Of Earth." Variants Include Affera, Affery, Affra, Aphra.Female
AghaveaghFrom The Field Of The Old TreeFemale
AghavillaFrom The Field Of The Old TreeFemale

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