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Unique Baby NamesIf you are looking for a unique and unusual baby name for your cute baby, then this list of unique baby names are for you. Some parents regretted their baby name choice because they thought the chosen name is too popular. Check out our list of unusual, cool and distinctive baby names.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AbnerFather Of LightMale
AdeleGood Humor: Of The Nobility. Noble.Female
Allegra"Joyful." Variants Include Alegra, Legra, Leggra.Female
AngusExceptionally StrongMale
AntoniaFeminine Form Of Antonio Beyond PraiseFemale
AraLegend NameMale
ArdenLofty. Eager.Female
AriaGentle MusicFemale
ArloThe BarberryMale
AugustineMajestic Dignity: Grandeur.Male
AxelFather Of PeaceMale
BentleyFrom The Bent Grass MeadowMale
BowenSon Of OwenMale
BranwenDaughter Of LlyrFemale
BrodyFrom The Muddy Place. Surname.Male
BrooklynWater: Stream.Female
CableRopemaker. An English Surname.Male
CallistoMyth Name (Another Name For Arcas)Female

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