Cam: Meaning of baby name Cam

Pronunciation: [Cam]

Gender of Cam: Female

Meaning of Cam: Orange Fruit; Sweet; Mountain Sunset

Origin of Cam: Vietnamese

Famous People Named Cam:

Moussa Dadis Camara is a former President of Guinea and also a career military man.

Kirk Cameron is a talented actor of the ‘Growing Pains’ fame.

John W. Campbell was an American science fiction writer and editor.

John Mellencamp is an American rock musician and painter famous for promoting heartland rock.

David Cameron is the youngest British politician who became the Prime Minister of the country.

Camille Saint-Saëns was the French composer and organist who wrote the opera ‘Samson et Dalila’.

Camille Corot was a French painter known for his landscape painting whose style inspired the innovations of Impressionism.

Camille Claudel was a renowned French sculptor.

Camilla Parker Bowles is the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.

Camilla Belle is an American actress famous for her role of ‘Evolet’ in ‘10,000 BC’.

Cameron Diaz is a famous American film actress.

Bruce Campbell is a popular film & television actor, director, producer, screenwriter & author.

Albert Camus was the most controversial French philosopher of his times.

Ada Cambridge was a prolific English-born Australian writer.

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