Aine: Meaning of baby name Aine

Gender of Aine: Female

Meaning of Aine: Fire Or Joy

Origin of Aine: Celtic

Joy, Radiance. Also Sky or sun Goddess.

Famous People Named Aine:

Thomas Paine was a famous writer, political activist and revolutionary.

Robert Treat Paine was a lawyer cum politician and one of the Founding fathers of America.

Rainer Maria Rilke was a famous poet known for his modernist German poems.

Henri La Fontaine was a senator and Nobel Prize Winner in 1913.

Germaine Tailleferre was the only female member in the musical band Les Six.

Germaine Greer is an acclaimed Australian author and academician.

David Mustaine is an American musician, guitarist, and vocalist with the heavy metal band, ‘Megadeth’.

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