Celebrity Baby Names on July 4

Naming your newborn babies after one of the celebrities of the same birthday is an interesting thing. Here we listed most of the famous people who were born on July 04. You could choose your favorite celebrity name from the below list, the name could be given name, middle last, surname or even nickname. If you would like to celebrate another important day, for example another important day of your family, you could change the date at the bottom of this page.

Moa Kikuchi, Pop Singer, Born in 1999

Malia Obama, Family Member, Born in 1998

Julia Gilman, Web Video Star, Born in 1998

Daniela Nieves, TV Actress, Born in 1997

Jason Spevack, Movie Actor, Born in 1997

Post Malone, Rapper, Born in 1996

Liam Horne, Pop Singer, Born in 1995

AnEsonGib, Web Video Star, Born in 1994

Julianna Rose, Movie Actress, Born in 1994

Nick Hissom, Pop Singer, Born in 1992

Tray Savage, Rapper, Born in 1992

Fredo Santana, Rapper, Born in 1990

Alyssa Miller, Model, Born in 1990

David Kross, Movie Actor, Born in 1990

Opticmidnite, Web Video Star, Born in 1989

Angelique Boyer, Movie Actress, Born in 1988

Rochelle Clarke, Web Video Star, Born in 1987

Lui Calibre, Web Video Star, Born in 1984

Melanie Fiona, R&B Singer, Born in 1983

Isabeli Fontana, Model, Born in 1983

Mike Sorrentino, Reality Star, Born in 1981

Josh McCown, Football Player, Born in 1979

Becki Newton, TV Actress, Born in 1978

Gackt, Rock Singer, Born in 1973

Todd Marinovich, Football Player, Born in 1969

Elie Saab, Fashion Designer, Born in 1964

Neil Morrissey, TV Actor, Born in 1962

Andrew Zimmern, Chef, Born in 1961

Alvaro Uribe, World Leader, Born in 1952

Jeremy Spencer, Rock Singer, Born in 1948

Michael Milken, Entrepreneur, Born in 1946

Joe Berardo, Entrepreneur, Born in 1944

Ray Meagher, TV Actor, Born in 1944

Geraldo Rivera, TV Actor, Born in 1943

Floyd Little, Football Player, Born in 1942

Richard Digger Phelps, Coach, Born in 1941

Bill Withers, Soul Singer, Born in 1938

John Lloyd Young, Stage Actor, Born in 1930

George Steinbrenner, Entrepreneur, Born in 1930

Al Davis, Coach, Born in 1929

Gina Lollobrigida, Movie Actress, Born in 1927

Alfredo Di Stefano, Soccer Player, Born in 1926

Eva Marie Saint, Movie Actress, Born in 1924

Abigail Van Buren, Journalist, Born in 1918

Gloria Stuart, Movie Actress, Born in 1910

Rube Goldberg, Cartoonist, Born in 1883

Calvin Coolidge, US President, Born in 1872

Nathaniel Hawthorne, Novelist, Born in 1804

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