Celebrity Baby Names on October 5

Naming your newborn babies after one of the celebrities of the same birthday is an interesting thing. Here we listed most of the famous people who were born on October 05. You could choose your favorite celebrity name from the below list, the name could be given name, middle last, surname or even nickname. If you would like to celebrate another important day, for example another important day of your family, you could change the date at the bottom of this page.

Millie Innes, TV Actress, Born in 2001

Dalila Bela, TV Actress, Born in 2001

Matthew Sherrill, Web Video Star, Born in 1999

Jacob Taff, Music Producer, Born in 1999

Aaron Carpenter, Web Video Star, Born in 1998

Autumn Jeannette, Rapper, Born in 1998

Andrew Fontenot, Rapper, Born in 1996

Mahogany Lox, Web Video Star, Born in 1994

Mercedes Lambre, TV Actress, Born in 1992

Cody Zeller, Basketball Player, Born in 1992

Betty Who, Pop Singer, Born in 1991

Chrissy Chambers, Web Video Star, Born in 1990

Taylour Paige, TV Actress, Born in 1990

Wesley Morgan, TV Actor, Born in 1990

Gerardo Ortiz, World Music Singer, Born in 1989

Kevin Olusola, Pop Singer, Born in 1988

Maja Salvador, TV Actress, Born in 1988

Dillon Francis, DJ, Born in 1987

Kevin Mirallas, Soccer Player, Born in 1987

Nicola Roberts, Pop Singer, Born in 1985

Althea Harper, Fashion Designer, Born in 1984

Nicky Hilton, Entrepreneur, Born in 1983

Jesse Eisenberg, Movie Actor, Born in 1983

Tito El Bambino, Reggae Singer, Born in 1981

Mike Matei, Web Video Star, Born in 1980

Craig Benzine, Web Video Star, Born in 1980

James Valentine, Guitarist, Born in 1978

Scott Weinger, Movie Actor, Born in 1975

Kate Winslet, Movie Actress, Born in 1975

Parminder Nagra, Movie Actress, Born in 1975

Grant Hill, Basketball Player, Born in 1972

Carlos Coy, Rapper, Born in 1970

Guy Pearce, Movie Actor, Born in 1967

Patrick Roy, Hockey Player, Born in 1965

Mario Lemieux, Hockey Player, Born in 1965

Maya Lin, Sculptor, Born in 1959

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Scientist, Born in 1958

Bernie Mac, TV Actor, Born in 1957

Bob Geldof, Rock Singer, Born in 1951

Karen Allen, Movie Actress, Born in 1951

Jeff Conaway, Movie Actor, Born in 1950

Brian Johnson, Rock Singer, Born in 1947

Michael Morpurgo, Children's Author, Born in 1943

Steve Miller, Guitarist, Born in 1943

Ray Kroc, Entrepreneur, Born in 1902

Larry Fine, Movie Actor, Born in 1902

Chester A. Arthur, US President, Born in 1829

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