24 Pretty Girl Names in Sanskrit With Great Meanings

Hindu people select names with meanings that will inspire the child to follow the path of righteousness, and Sanskrit baby names have thoughtful meanings. If you are looking for some Sanskrit girl names for your little sweethearts, check out these 24 pretty girl names with wonderful meanings.

Abhaya: Fearless.

Akshita: Wonder girl.
Ambar: The sky.
Amodini: Happy girl.
Amrita: Spiritual holy water.
Avantika: Queen.
Bhama: Filled with brightness, splendor, and luster.
Chandrabha: Light of the moon.
Dhara: Constant flow.
Dhuni: Like a river.
Divya: Divine.
Elakshi: A woman with bright eyes.
Gomeda: One who is like a gem.
Hemakshi: Golden eyes.
Hiranya: Gold.
Jyotsna: Radiant like flames.
Kanti: Light, lovely, or luster.
Karishma: Miracle.
Kusumina: Flowered.
Mohini: Most beautiful.
Rohati: To grow.
Shreya: Beautiful, auspicious.
Swara: Self shining.
Vaidehi: Sita, wife of Lord Ram.

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