17 Badass Baby Names For Coolest Kids

For the parents who are explore for some badass baby names, this will be a good list. These badass baby names are perfect for your little boys or girls, and your cool babies will surely love them.

Axel: German name meaning "father of peace", and it sounds super cool.

Beretta: A Beretta is a gun by Italian firearms manufacturer. Bristol Palin choose the badass name as the middle name for her daughter Breeze.
Blaze: Latin name means "one who stutters", but it sounds hot, fiery, and combustible.
Cassius: Latin name meaning "hollow", the famed professional boxer and cultural icon Muhammed Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay.
Darby: Darby Crash was famously the frontman for punk rock band the Germs, although the meaning of the name Darby is the relatively peaceful-sounding deer town.
Dash: A nickname that can stand on its own and sounds, well, dashing.
Dean: Bad boy name comes from the surname of James Dean, which means "one who lived in or near a valley."
Gunner: Scandinavian name meaning "bold warrior", Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers gave it to his son in 2009.
Jett: Mineral name meaning "jet black". Aviation enthusiast John Travolta put this fast-paced name in the lexicon when he used it for his late son, and George Lucas followed suit.

Maddox: Welsh name meaning "son of Madoc", Angelina Jolie named her first child Maddox, and this name is pretty cool and badass.
Neo: American name meaning new. Futuristic hero in the movie "The Matrix."
Rebel: Unisex name means "someone who rises up against the masses."
Rogue: This name makes us think of the badass Marvel female superhero Rogue, and the meaning of the name is "a man who is a major troublemaker."
Roxy: The name means dawn and bright, and has a definitively tough, sassy vibe.
Ruby: The name of the gemstone comes from the Latin ruber, meaning red. Ruby Rose plays a bad girl in Orange is the New Black.
Ryder: This name means "knight, mounted warrior." Kate Hudson and her rocker husband Chris Robinson chose it for their son in 2004.
Zane: Western novelist Zane Grey made this name famous. This name is retaining that appealing cowboy image.

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