9 Romantic Girl Names That Indicate Romance

Valentine's Day is a romantic day for lovers. If you have a daughter born around Feb 14th, you could choose a girl name indicating romance for her. Here we pulled together our selection of romantic girl names, and they are a great way to portray love and affection. If you are a romantic person, then do not hesitate to choose one from these great options for your beloved daughter.

Ai: Japanese name for love.

Amora: Spanish name for love.
Cer: Welsh name meaning love.
Darlene: Dear or loved one.
Davina: Beloved.
Kalila: The name means heap of love in Arabic.
Scarlett: This name means red, the colour of love and affection.
Shirina: American name meaning love song.
Yaretzi: Aztec name that means "you will always be loved."

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