70 Pretty Girl Names Starting With A

There are lots of girl names for your pretty daughters, and they start with various characters. If you would like to be dedicated with a specific letter, of course it's also OK. Here comes some pretty names for your daughters, and these names start with the character "A." Most of these pretty girl names have great meanings, for example pretty, sweet, beautiful, fair, and flower etc. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your little girls.

Abeba: Ethiopian name meaning "flower."

Acacia: Thorny.
Acheflour: White flower.
Adela: Good humor.
Adeline: Sweet of the nobility.
Adette: Sweet or noble.
Adina: Ethiopia girl name meaning "She has saved."
Adoncia: Sweet.
Adonia: Beautiful lady. Feminine of Adonis.
Adsila: Cherokee name meaning "blossom."
Afet: Woman of bewitching beauty.
Agnes: Pure; virginal.
Aimee: Dearly loved.
Aini: Spring; flower.
Aiyana: Eternal blossom.
Aki: Born in Autumn.
Akina: Spring flower.
Alanna: Rock; Beautiful.
Alaqua: Sweet gum tree.
Aleena: Fair; good-looking.
Aleiah: Flower, the love of the outside.
Alese: Beautiful soul.
Algoma: Valley of flowers.
Alice: Sweet.
Alina: Fair.
Aline: Fair; good-looking.
Alisha: Protected by God.
Aliyana: Beautiful girl.
Aliyn: Beautiful.
Alegra: Joyful.
Alma: Good.
Alona: Strong as an oak.
Alysa: Princess.

Amabella: Lovable.
Amal: Bird; hopes; aspirations.
Amanda: Worthy of being loved.
Amaranta: Flower.
Amber: Fierce.
Amelia: Defender.
Ami: Dearly loved.
Amisha: Without deceit, pure.
Amora: Love.
Anabella: Grace and beauty.
Anabelle: Beautiful.
Angela: Messenger from god.
Angelica: Angelic.
Angelina: Angel.
Angelynn: Beautiful angel.
Anika: Grace.
Anna: Grace.
Annabella: Beautiful grace.
Annabelle: Grace and beauty.
Annalynn: Beautiful daughter.
Anthia: Flower.
Anwen: Fair and beautiful.
April: Opening buds of spring; born in April.
Arden: Lofty; eager.
Arete: Beauty.
Aria: Gentle music.
Ariana: Silver.
Arrosa: Rose.
Ashlynn: Meadow of ash trees.
Athena: Goddess of wisdom and warfare.
Audrey: Noble strength.
Aurora: The Goddess of the dawn.
Autumn: Born in the fall season.
Ava: Latin girl name meaning "bird."
Ayana: Ethiopian girl name meaning "beautiful flower."
Azelie: Flower.
Aziel: Flower.

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