20 Strong Boy Names That Mean Strong

Your little boys are tender and soft, but they will become strong and handsome when they grow up. Strong boys deserve strong names. Here comes 20 strong boy names for your little boys, and these names have the meaning of strong, firm, mighty, manly, and strength in various origins and cultures.

Adir: Means "strong, mighty" in Hebrew.

Andrew: Strong and manly.
Arnold: Strong as an eagle.
Barrett: German name meaning "bear strength."
Berk: Turkish name means "solid, firm, strong."
Brian: Strong virtuous and honorable.
Chale: Strong or youthful.
Conall: Means "strong wolf" in Gaelic.
Ekon: Strong.
Ethan: Hebrew name meaning "strong, firm."
Gabriel: Hebrew name meaning "strong man of God."
Griffin: Welsh name meaning "strong lord."
Hagan: Strong defense.
Jedrek: Strong, manly.
Jerry: Brave spearman.
Kwan: Strong.
Magnar: Strong warrior.
Neron: Strong.
Remo: The strong one.
Takeo: Strong as bamboo.

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