45 Geography Baby Names Inspired By Famous Rivers

Rivers are everywhere around the planet. Sometimes rivers are named after people, and of course you could name your babies after rivers. Here comes 45 river-inspired baby names from those famous rivers in various continents. Check out the below list and select your favorite name for your little boy or girl.

Africa: Chari, Lomami, Mara, Maringa, Omo, Shebelle, Tana and Zambezi.

North America: Alsek, Dean, Flint, Fraser, Mackenzie, Willamette and Yukon.
South America: Caroni, Loa, Madeira, Magdalena, Maroni, Mira, Rapel, Palena, and Patia.
Asia: Indus, Jordan, Krishna, Lena, Marikina, Nan and Pearl.
Europe: Don, Drina, Guadiana, Loire, Maritsa, Moselle, Shannon, Seine, Siret, Tisa, Ural, Vedea, Vistula and Volga.

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