Top 26 Vintage and Old-Fashioned Baby Girl Names

Vintage and old-fashioned baby names are new again, these classic names went out of fashion, but now they are back as parents go vintage. It shows that many parents have recently been choosing names popular in years long gone by, these vintage names have fallen out of style for years, but they are cool again.

These traditional and classic names are cool options, they are unique and beautiful, and they sound fresh. If you like the antique charm of baby names of this style, check out the below list of vintage baby girl names.

Adeline: German for Noble, also an English variant of Adelaide, and a French diminutive of Adela. The name Adeline is sweet and sprightly, opera soprano Adelina Patti and a well-known song called "Sweet Adeline" gave the name exposure.

Alma: Alma means kind, soul or learned. "Alma mater" is the term for a college or university, meaning "fostering mother".
Amelia: Latin for "rival, eager work". This old-fashioned and pretty name is a variation of Emily, but it's more distinctive. Henry Fielding may possibly have first coined it for the heroine of his novel "Amelia".
Anastasia: Greek for Resurrection. An elegant and classy girl name. Also one of the daughters of Nicholas II, the last Russian czar.
Beatrice: Beatrice means Blessed and is perfect for the little princess. Queen Victoria named one of her daughters Beatrice. Also beloved heroine of Dante's "Divine Comedy" and of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing".
Clara: Latin for "clear, bright". The name Clara is soft and sweet, and it is also a nickname for Clarissa. Made famous in the 1920s by the silent film actress Clara Bow, known as "the It girl", because whatever "it" was, she had it.
Dorothy: Greek for "gift of God". Also The heroine of Frank Baum's "The Wonderful World of Oz", published in 1900.
Felicity: Happiness and lucky.
Frances: Latin for French. Feminine of Francis. Before the 17th century, the two spellings were used for both genders. Franziska is the German form.
Hattie: Hattie is a variant of Harriet, which means "home leader" in Germany.
June: Month used as a name, dating from the 20th century. This adorable name shouldn’t be limited to girls born only during the summer.
Leona: Feminine of Leon, which is latin for lion.
Lillian: Latin for "lily flower". A pretty antique moniker with an easy and appealing flower nickname and numerous spelling variation options. Television actress Mary McCormack recently named her new daughter Lillian.

Mabel: Short form of Amabel, which is latin for lovable. A cute and perfect name for your little daughter.
Mae: A variant of May, which was named for Maia, the Roman earth Goddess.
Marjorie: A variant of Margaret, which means "child of light". Made famous by Herman Wouk's "Marjorie Morningstar".
Mercy: The meaning of Mercy is "compassion, forebearance". A virtue name popular with the Puritans.
Millie: The meaning of Millie is "rival, eager work; helper to the priest; bee; honey; gentle strength; brave strength". It is a variant of Amelia, Camilla, Kamilla, Melissa, Midred and Millicent.
Naomi: Hebrew for Pleasant. A strong, sophisticated choice that now has a modern feel. And a positive association with famously beautiful ladies, actress Watts and supermodel Campbell, enhances its appeal.
Olive: A fun modern variant of Olivia, and the meaning of Olive is "olive tree".
Pearl: Pearl was used only in the late Victorian era, today its Greek form Margaret is more popular.
Rosemary: Latin for "dew of the sea". Also a blend of Rose and Mary, or refers to the fragrant herb, which in folklore is the emblem of remembrance.
Rosie: A variant of Rose or Rosa. This sweet and feminine flower name would be a good addition to your family.
Sadie: Sadie is a diminutive of Sarah, which means princess in Hebrew. This name is cute and whimsical.
Stella: Latin for Star. Linked in most minds to the movie "A Streetcar named Desire", where Marlon Brando bellowed "Stella!"
Vera: Russian for Faith, or Albanian for Summer. A breezy name for girls.

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