45 Unique Passionate Baby Names For Little Girls

Are you looking for some passionate girl names? Here comes the list. This collection of passionate names including the baby names that mean fiery, fire, flame, fierce, red, eager, and mighty. They will surely evoke fire and passion if you name your little daughter with one of these names.

Aiden: Gaelic for Fire.

Amelina: Latin for "rival, eager work".
Anala: Hindi for Fiery.
Ardis: Latin for "ardent; eager; industrious."
Athena: The virgin goddess of wisdom and war.
Aurora: Latin for Dawn. The Roman goddess of sunrise.
Azar: Persian for Scarlet.
Aziza: Arabic for "beloved precious; mighty".
Bernadette: French for "strong, brave bear".
Cassia: Spicy cinnamon.
Chanda: Sanskrit for "hot, fierce, passionate".
Cosima: Greek for "order, beauty".
Enya: Fire.
Fajra: Means "fiery" in Esperanto.
Fiammetta: Italian for "little fiery one".
Fiorella: Latin for "flower".
Fiorenza: Latin for "flowering, in bloom".
Flame: Blazing fire.
Freya: The goddess of love and fertility in Scandinavian mythology.
Idris: Arabic for "fiery leader; prophet".
Ignacia: Feminine of Ignatius, possibly Latin for "ardent, burning".
Ignatia: Feminine of Ignatius, possibly Latin for "ardent, burning".
Larkin: Irish for "rough, fierce".
Leonie: Latin for Lion.
Leontine: Latin for Lion.

Matilda: Old German for "mighty in battle".
Morgan: Welsh for "bright or white sea dweller".
Morrigan: Irish for "phantom queen".
Neri: Greek for "burning light or ocean spirit".
Nina: Spanish for "little girl; great-granddaughter".
Pele: Hawaiian goddess of fire.
Persephone: The Greek mythological daughter of Zeus by Demeter, the queen of the harvest.
Ramona: Spanish for "protecting hands". Feminine of Ramon and Raymond.
Renata: Latin for Reborn.
Romy: Short form of Rosemary Latin "dew of the sea".
Rory: Latin for Dawn. Also a variant of Aurora.
Roxana: Persian for Dawn.
Scarlett: Old French for "red". Brought into use as a given name due to Margaret Mitchell's heroine Scarlett O'Hara in the novel "Gone With the Wind".
Seraphine: Hebrew for "burning ones".
Stella: Latin for "star".
Tanwen: Welsh for "holy fire".
Valentine: Latin for "strong, healthy".
Vana: Cambodian for "golden".
Viveca: Scandinavian for "alive; war fortress".
Zelda: Nickname of Griselda meaning "dark battle".

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