15 Unique Italian Baby Names That Are Beautiful

Italian names are elegant, decadent, and classic.  If you have Italian heritage, or if you are fond of Italian culture, choosing an Italian baby name is a choice you won't regret. Here comes our selection of 15 unique Italian boy names or girl names that are beautiful. These elaborate names have great potential for multiple nicknames. Check out the below list and select your favorite beautiful baby names of Italian origin.

Alcee: Italian literary name, mistress of alluring enchantments and sensual pleasures in the Orlando poems.

Alessandro: Defending men.
Allegra: Italian musical name means joyous.
Andino: Manly or brave.
Anthony: Priceless one.
Aria: Musical name means "air or lioness" and has roots in the opera.
Bella: Short for Isabella, the word means "beautiful."
Brando: Firebrand or sword.
Cara: Cherished and beloved one.
Caterina: The Italian version of Katherine, meaning "pure."
Giovanna: The feminine form of Giovanni meaning "God is gracious."
Marco: Mars, Roman god of war.
Matteo: The Italian version of Matthew means "gift of God."
Rocco: Italian for "rest."
Vera: Faith.

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