Greek Mythology Baby Names: Girl Names After Olympian Goddesses

Aglaea: The goddess of beauty and adornment.
Aglaia: Another name for Aglaea.
Aegle: The goddess of the radiant glow of good health.
Aigle: Another name for Aegle.
Akeso: The goddess of curing illness.
Aphrodite: One of the ruling twelve great Olympians, the goddess of love, beauty and procreation.
Ariadne: The wife of the god Dionysos. She was granted a seat beside her husband amongst the gods of heavens.
Artemis: One of the twelve ruling Olympians, the goddess of hunting, wild animals, childbirth and children.
Athena: One of the twelve great Olympians, the goddess of war, fortifications and the defence of towns.
Bia: The goddess of force, one of four winged daemones who stood attendant on the throne of Zeus.
Calliope: The leader of the nine Muses, and goddess of epic poetry.
Kalliope: Another name for Calliope.
Charites: The goddesses of joy, pleasure, mirth, beauty, dancing, feasts and banquets.
Kharites: Another name for Charites.
Clymene: The Titan goddess of fame and renown.
Klymene: Another name for Clymene.
Clio: The Muse of historical writings.
Kleio: Another name for Clio.
Demeter: One of the twelve great Olympian gods, the goddess of agriculture.
Dike: The goddess of justice, who reported the misdemeanors of man to her father Zeus. Also one of the three Horae, goddesses of the seasons and heavenly order.
Dione: A prophetic goddess, the Titaness mother of the goddess Aphrodite.
Eileithyia: The goddess of childbirth and the pains of labour.
Eirene: The goddess of peace. Also one of the three Horae, goddesses of the heavenly order and the seasons.
Enyo: The goddess of war, a companion of Ares.
Epione: The goddess of the soothing of pain.
Erato: The Muse of love poetry and mimicry.
Eris: The goddess of strife, a sister and companion of the god Ares.
Eunomia: The goddess of good order.
Euphrosyne: The goddess of merriment and good cheer.
Eurynome: The goddess of flowery pastures.
Euterpe: One of the nine Muses. She presided over lyric poetry.
Harmonia: The goddess of harmony. Also a goddess of war and of marriage.
Hebe: The goddess of youth.
Hera: The Queen of the gods, and wife of Zeus. The goddess of women, sky and stars.
Hestia: The goddess of the hearth. The leader of the gods of house and home.
Horae: The goddesses of the seasons and the ordering of heaven.
Hygeia: The goddess of good health, one of the many daughters of Asclepius.
Iaso: The goddess of cures and remedies.
Iris: The goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.
Leto: The Titan goddess of motherhood and womanly demure.
Leucippides: The goddess wives of the Dioscuri twins.
Leukippides: Another name for leucippides.
Litae: The elderly goddesses of prayer.
Litai: Another name for Litae.
Melpomene: The goddess muse of tragedy plays.
Moirai: The three goddesses of fate who spun the thread of human destiny.
Moirae: Another name for Moirai.
Muses: Nine sister goddesses of music, song, dance and the other arts.
Mousai: Another name for Muses.
Nike: The goddess of victory.
Oceanides: Goddess and nymph daughters of the great earth-encircling river Oceanus.
Okeanides: Another name for Oceanides.
Panaceia: The goddess of curatives.
Panakeia: Another name for Panaceia.
Peitho: The goddess of persuasion and seductive speech.
Polyhymnia: The goddess muse of religious hymns.
Polymnia: Another name for Polyhymnia.
Psyche: The goddess of the soul and wife of the god Eros.
Psykhe: Another name for Psyche.
Terpsichore: The Muse of choral dance and song.
Terpsikhore: Another name for Terpsichore.
Thalia: The goddess of banquets and festivities.
Themis: The Titan goddess of divine law and order, custom and tradition.
Thyone: The mother of the god Dionysus.
Tyche: The goddess of good fortune.
Tykhe: Another name for Tyche.
Urania: The goddess Muse of astronomy and astronomical writings.
Ourania: Another name for Urania.

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