100 Unusual Baby Names That Mean God

Girl Names Mean God

Abiel: My Father is God.

Adriel: My shepherd is God.
Ariel: Lion of God.
Asriel: Vow of God; blessed of God.
Asiel: Created by God.
Bethel: House of God.
Dolly: English for "gift of God."
Dorothea: Gift of God.
Elasah: God has wrought.
Elealeh: God ascended.
Elisabeth: God of the oath.
Eliada: Whom God acknowledges and cares about.
Eliana: YaHWeH is God.
Elisheba: God is her oath.
Emma: God is with us.
Fedora: Greek for "gift from God".
Godiva: English for "gift from God."
Grace: God's kindness.
Hannah: Gracious gift from God.
Imla: God will fulfill.
Iva: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Jahziel: God distributes.
Jane: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Janet: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Jasiel: Created by God.
Jeriel: May God teach.
Joan: French for "God's gift."
Joanna: French for "God's gift."
Joel: YaH is God.
Jonathan: Hebrew for "gift of God."
Lael: Belonging to God.
Magdiel: Praise of God.
Michelle: French for "gift from God."
Pheodora: Russian for "God's gift".
Shane: Irish for "gift from God."
Shauna: Irish for "gift from God."
Teodora: Greek for "God's gift". variant of theodora.
Vanna: Hebrew for "God's gift."
Yanis: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Zane: Hebrew for "gift from God."

Boy Names Mean God

Abdiel: Servant of God.

Abiel: My Father is God.
Adiel: Ornament of God.
Adriel: My shepherd is God.
Areli: God's lion.
Ariel: Lion of God.
Cedric: Welsh for "gift of splendor."
Corban: A gift offered to God.
Daniel: My judge is God.
Elasah: God has wrought.
Elealeh: God ascended.
Eleazar: the help of God.
Elhanan: God is a gracious giver.
Eli: My God.
Elias: My God is Yah.
Eliezer: God of help.
Elijah: My God is Yah.
Elisha: My God is salvation.
Elisheba: God of the oath.
Elkanah: God has purchased.
Elnaam: God is delight.
Elnathan: God has given.
Immanuel: with us is God.
Ezekiel: God strengthens.
Gabriel: Man of God.
Gamaliel: God is my reward.
Hans: German for "gift from God."
Hazael: He who sees God.
Ishmael: God hears.
Israel: Prince with God.
Ithiel: God is with me.
Ivan: Hebrew for "gift from God."
Jakin: God will strengthen or establish.
Jadon: Whom God will judge.
Jahaziel: He will see God.
Jezreel: Planted by God.
Joel: Yah is God.
Jude: God shall be praised.
Kadmiel: God is eternal.
Kemuel: Established by God.
Lazarus: God has helped.
Lemuel: Devoted unto God.
Malchiel: God is my king.
Mark: the god of war.
Matthew: Hebrew for "gift of God."
Michael: Who is like God?
Nahaliel: River of God.
Nathaniel: Given of God.
Othniel: Force of God.
Pagiel: God answers.
Raphael: God has healed.
Rei: friend of God.
Reuel: Friend of God.
Salathiel: I have asked of God.
Samuel: His name is of God.
Saul: Asked of God.
Sean: Irish for "gift from God."
Theophilus: Friend of God.
Timothy: Honoring God.
Zadok: Justified by God.

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