100 Unique And Exotic Girl Names For Your Pretty Daughters

Exotic names are unique, because not everyone like exotic names and they are not so popular. If you are looking for some unique and pretty names for your little girls, and you can accept exotic names, you could consider one of our list of exotic girl names. Here comes our collection of exotic girl names, in fact many of these names have great meanings in African, Greek, or French languages and cultures, we believe you will find some favorite girl names.

Abasi: African Swahili name means "stern."

Abella: French name means "breath."
Ada: African name means "first daughter."
Adal: German name means "noble."
Adriano: Spanish name means "dark; from Adria."
Aine: Irish name means "splendor, radiance, brilliance."
Airlia: Greek name means "Ethereal."
Aisha: Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad. The name Aisha means "lively" in Arabic.
Aislin: Irish name means "vision."
Alastair: Scottish name means "defender of man."
Alda: German name means "elder, wisdom, or wealthy."
Alden: Anglo Saxon name means "an old and wise friend."
Aldis: From an old house.
Aldrich: Aged and wise ruler.
Aleta: Greek mythological goddess of truth.
Alethea: In ancient Greece, Altethea was the goddess of truth and veracity.
Alfreda: Teutonic name means oracle.
Alina: In ancient Greece, Alina was as name that meant "light."
Allegra: Latin girl name means "joyous."
Alessandra: Italian name means "defender of mankind."
Amara: Greek name means "eternal."
Amaryllis: Greek name means "sparkling." Poetically used to mean "a simple shepherdess or country girl."
Amelie: French name means "hard working."
Amina: Arabic name means "faithful or trustworthy."
Aviana: Latin name means "like a bird; living in grace."
Bodhi: In Buddhism, the Bodhi tree was the place where the Buddha sat as he achieve enlightenment.
Carmela: Hebrew name means "golden." Carmela also refers to the paradise at Mount Carmel in Israel.
Caterina: Portuguese name means "pure."
Cosimia: Greek name means "of the universe."
Cruz: Spanish name means "cross."
Dante: Spanish name means "enduring." The poet Dante Alighieri wrote The Divine Comedy with its graphic description of medieval Hell known as 'Dante's Inferno.
Diamonique: The precious diamond stone; Of high value; brilliant.
Dion: Greek God known for his debauchery.
Elektra: In ancient Greece, Elektra was the daughter of the mythological Agamemnon and was a character in three Greek tragedies.
Esperanza: Spanish girl name means "hope."
Evelina: Celtic name means "light."
Faustine: Latin girl name means "the fortunate one."
Flavia: Latin name means "golden or blond."
Fleur: French name that means "flower."
Giana: Italian name means "God is gracious."
Giselle: French name that means "pledge."
Hamisi: African Swahili name means "born on Thursday."
Imani: This exotic African-American Kiswahili name means "faith."
Imogene: Old Irish name means "girl."
Isabel: Latin name means "my God is bountiful."
Isadora: Greek name means "a gift of Isis." In Egyptian mythology, Isis was the goddess of fertility.
Isis: Egyptian name means "throne." Also the Egyptian goddess who was the sister to Osirus.
Jemima: Hebrew name means "little dove." In the Bible, she was one of the most beautiful women of her time.

Kaira: Scandinavian name means "pure."
Kali: Greek name means "rosebud."
Kapono: Hawaiian name that means "the proper one."
Kenji: Japanese name means "intelligent second son; strong and vigorous."
Khadijah: Arabic name means "premature child."
Krishna: Sanskrit name means "dark blue or black."
Lakshmi: Sanskrit name means "a lucky omen." Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune.
Laszlo: Hungary name means "rules with glory."
Leif: Scandinavia name means "son." According to Norse legend Viking Leif Eriksson landed his longboat on North American shores some 500 years before Columbus arrived in the Caribean.
Leonora: Ancient Greek name means "light."
Lorena: the laurel tree or sweet bay tree, symbolic of honor and victory.
Lucia: Italian name means "light."
Madeleine: French name means "from the tower."
Maile: Hawaiian nature name means "shrub, vine."
Mariko: Japanese name means "truth, reason or benefit."
Mathias: Welsh name means "gift of god."
Mina: German name means "resolute protector."
Neema: African Swahili name means "born into prosperity."
Nova: Native American Hopi name that means "chases a butterfly."
Odelia: French name means "prosperous or wealthy."
Olympia: Greek name means "heaven-like."
Omari: Egyptian name that means "high born."
Orinana: Celtic name that means "blonde, golden, and respectively."
Primrose: A very sweet, delicate flower.
Putri: Indonesia girl name that means "princess."
Quenby: Swedish girl name means "womanly."
Quentin: From the queen’s town.
Rashida: Egyptian name means "righteous."
Regina: Latin name means "queen."
Reza: Persian name that means "consent or will."
Rhea: In Greek mythology, Rhea was the mother of Zeus.
Rocco: Italian name that means "rock."
Rosabel: Latin girl name that means “beautiful rose”.
Sabra: Egyptian name means "patient."
Sadie: Hebrew name that means "princess."
Selene: Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon, sister of Helios the sun god.
Sirena: In ancient Greek mythology, a siren was a gorgeous woman and mythological creature who lured sailors toward their deaths.
Svana: Icelandic name means "swan."
Taj: Sanskrit name that means "crown."
Talia: Hebrew name that means "the dew of heaven."
Uma: Nigerian name that means "second daughter."
Umika: Japanese name means "fragrance of the ocean."
Valda: Latin name that means "brave."
Valentina: Courageous or brave.
Verena: Dutch name that means "from the bridge."
Wilhelmina: German name that means "peaceful or resolute."
Winona: German name that means "a peaceful friend."
Yasmine: Hinda name represents a type of beautiful flower.
Victoria: Victory; triumphant.
Yolanda: Greek girl name that means "a violet flower."
Zaliki: Egyptian girl name that means “well-born”.
Ziva: Hebrew name that means "splendor or brilliance."

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