15 Unique Baby Names That Mean Water

Water is a transparent fluid which forms the world's streams, lakes, oceans and rain, and is the major constituent of the fluids of organisms. Earth surface waters are filled with life. The earliest life forms appeared in water. Nearly all fish live exclusively in water, and there are many types of marine mammals, such as dolphins and whales. We cannot live without water, and of course it will be a great idea if you choose a name meaning water for your baby boy or girl. Here comes 15 unique baby names have the meaning of water.

Ambu: Indian girl name meaning "water."

Atlantis: Greek name after the legendary island that sank to the bottom of the ocean.
Brooklyn: English name meaning "water".
Cain: Welsh name meaning “clear water”.
Calder: Scottish name meaning “rough waters”.
Coventina: Celtic name meaning "water goddess".
Dalis: Hebrew name meaning "drawing water".
Dax: English name meaning “water”.
Genevieve: Celtic name meaning "white wave".
Kendria: English name meaning "clear water."
Moselle: Hebrew name meaning "from the water".
Mouna: Muslim name meaning "water."
Nami: Japanese name meaning "wave".
Nixie: German name meaning "little water sprite".
Talulah: Native American name meaning "Leaping water".

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