40 Cute Girl Baby Names For Your Little Angel

Congratulations! Now you have been the parents of a little cute girl, this is really exciting and happy. Maybe you have chosen the name for the new baby before she comes, maybe you still do not have the idea.

Whatever, it is the time to determine a name for your cute angel. We have the suggestions and we are glad to help, this list includes 40 girl baby names that are cute, pretty and unique. We hope you will enjoy the list and get your perfect daughter name.

Alice: Noble, exalted. Made famous by the heroine in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (1865) and "Through the Looking Glass" (1872).

Amy: Beloved. In mythology, Amy was the wife of King Latinus.

Angel: Messenger of God, name for a good little girl.

Annie: Grace. In biblical, Annie was the mother of the prophet Samuel.

Babe: Diminutive of Barbara which means "foreign". Also short for "baby", and a term for an attractive woman.

Bella: Bella is of Italian and Latin origin, and the meaning of Bella is "beautiful". Also a short form of Isabel or Isabella which means "God's promise". 

Betty: Betty is the pet form of Elizabeth, and the meaning of Betty is "God is my oath".

Bonnie: Bonnie is of Scottish origin, and the meaning of Bonnie is "fine, attractive, pretty".

Candy: Sweet.

Coco: A Pet Name, mostly in reference to Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

Daisy: Day's eye, also a flower name.

Dora: Gift.

Eleanor: Other, foreign. Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine was heiress to a large part of France, her powerful personality, intelligence, and energy made her unique then.

Ellie: Pet form of many girls' names including Elaine, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellen and Eloise.

Emma: Entire, universal. A royal name in medieval England.

Grace: Grace is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Grace is "favor; blessing". In Greek mythology, there are three Graces and they were goddesses of nature: Aglaia (brillance), Thalia (flowering), and Euphrosyne (joy).

Happy: Cheerful, showing satisfaction or joy.

Harper: Harpist, minstrel". Made famous by Harper Lee who published her novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1960).

Hazel: A name from nature, the hazel tree, light brown.

Joy: Signifies the parents' joy in their new-born child, or with the intention of wishing her a happy life.

Judy: In the Apocrypha, Judith is a Jewish heroine who incited the Hebrew army to victory over the Assyrians.

Lily: Flower name, a symbol of innocence and purity as well as beauty.

Lucky: Fortunate.

Lucy: Light. Lucy is a bossy little girl in Charles Schulz's popular "Peanuts" comic strip. 

Luna: Moon, one of the names of Artemis, goddess of the moon.

Maggie:  Short form of Margaret, which is of Greek origin and means "pearl".

May: The fifth month of the year. The month of May was named for Maia, the Roman earth goddess.

Mocha: Coffee of high quality.

Molly: Star of the sea, pet form of Mary.

Olivia: A feminine form of Oliver. The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity.

Paris:  Name from Greek mythology, the capital of France.

Poppy: Red flower.

Rose: Flower name from Rosa.

Ruby: Red gemstone.

Sandy: A girl with light reddish-brown hair.

Sophia: Wisdom.

Sydney: Wide island.

Thea: The Greek goddess of light; mother of the sun, moon, and dawn.

Violet: Purple, one of the earliest flower names.

Zoe: Life.

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