22 Popular Baby Names After City Names

Place-themed names are very popular today, more and more people name their children or pets after one of the place names. For example, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham named their first son Brooklyn because they were pregnant when they were in Brooklyn, New York. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale fell in love with Jamaica. Therefore, they named their son Kingston, which is the capital of Jamaica. After studying the map of the world we picked dozens of city names here, they are very popular among the people, and this proved they are great names.

Alexandria: Feminine of Alexander, means defender of mankind.

Austin: A name with an attractive southwestern feel, means magic dignity, or venerable.
Brandon: The Old English for "hill covered with broom."
Chandler: Candle maker and seller.
Cheyenne: Capital city of Wyoming.
Cody: A cushion; Helpful.
George: Farmer.
Hailey: Field of hay.
Harrison: Son of Harry.
Hayden: From the hedged in valley.
Jackson: God has been gracious.
Katherine: Pure and clear.
Kimberly: From the wood of the royal forest.
Madison: Gift of god.
Preston: Priest's town.
Savannah: From the open plain.
Shannon: Little old wise one.
Spencer: Keeper of provisions.
Sydney: Wide Island: south of the water.
Trenton: Refers to the English river Trent.
Tyler: Tile layer.
Victoria: Victory or triumphant.

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