100 Pretty Indian Girl Names With Great Meanings

Indian names are different from English names, and they are based on the various cultures of India. Choosing an Indian girl name can be a hard task, and here we bring you a long list of pretty girl names of Indian, Hindu, and Sanskrit origin. These names have great meanings and they make good names for your little girls.

Aabha: Sanskrit name means "glow."

Aahna: Exist.
Aakanksha: Desire or wish.
Aakriti: It means "shape" in sanskrit.
Aarushi: First ray of the sun.
Aashi: Smile, joy, laughter, blessing.
Aayushi: One who has a long life.
Aditi: Sanskrit name means "freedom, security, boundless, or entire."
Adra: Rock, hard.
Adya: Sanskrit name means "first."
Ahimsa: Non-violent.
Akshita: Permanent.
Alekhya: Picture; painting.
Amna: Peace, desire, safety.
Amulya: Sanskrit name means "priceless."
Bandita: Blessed.
Banhi: Fire.
Barkha: Rain.
Bavishni: One who has future.
Bhakti: Devotion.
Bhanu: The sun.
Bhrithi: Strengthened; nourished or cherished.
Bindhiya: A point marked by woman on forehead.
Bodhi: Bodhi tree; enlightenment.
Chaitali: Born in the month of chaitra or march.
Chandni: Moonlight.
Charita: Sanskrit name means "good."
Chetana: Perceptive; consciousness; life; excellent intelligence.
Chhaya: Hindi name means "shadow."
Chinmayi: Supreme consciousness.
Chitrita: Beautiful or decorated.
Daksha: Brilliant.
Damini: Sanskrit name means "lightening."
Danika: Morning star.
Darpana: Mirror.
Darsha: To see, to perceive or to have a vision.
Darshita: Sight, shown.
Dayanita: Tender.
Dayita: Beloved.
Deeba: Silk.
Deeksha: Spiritual initiation.
Deepali: Collection of lamps.
Dipanwita: Lights of diwali.
Divya: Sanskrit name means "divine or divine brilliance."
Eesha: Purity. also another name for goddess parvati.
Eeshta: Beloved, also another name of lord vishnu, goddess lakshmi.
Eswari: The wife of lord shiva.
Falguni: One who is born in the month of falgun.

Gagana: Heavenly sky.
Ganika: Like a flower.
Gargi: Wise woman.
Garima: Dignity.
Gaurika: A popular name in south india that means "a young girl."
Gautami: River godavari, the givers of life.
Gayatri: Mother of the vedas or goddess.
Geetika: A little song.
Gina: Silvery.
Gini: Parrot.
Gitanjali: Collection of poems.
Hamsika: Another name for saraswati, the goddess of education.
Harini: Deer.
Harisha: Sanskrit name means "happiness."
Harita: Green.
Harleen: Within the love of god.
Harshita: Full of joy and always happy.
Ila: Earth. also refers to the daughter of manu, the hindu lawgiver.
Ina: Mother, strong, sun.
Indira: Beauty, splendid.
Indu: Sanskrit name means "bright drop." the moon is the epitome of beauty in indian culture.
Iniya: Sweet.
Inu: Attractive.
Ishaani: The ruling goddess.
Jaanvi: As precious as your life.
Jagruti: Awakening; vigilance.
Jaya: Victory.
Kaira: Peaceful, unique.
Kajal: Eyeliner; kohl.
Kajri: Light as a cloud.
Kalpana: Idea, imagination or fancy.
Kalyani: Sanskrit name means "welfare, beautiful, lovely, auspicious, good fortune, happiness."
Kanchana: Gold.
Kangana: Bracelet.
Karima: Giving; generous.
Laavanya: Beauty.
Laboni: Grace.
Lasya: Graceful; dance performed by goddess parvati.
Maahi: Like a river.
Nainika: Pupil of the eye.
Nalini: Sanskrit name means "lotus."
Omisha: The goddess of life and death.
Paakhi: Bird.
Pallavi: New leaves.
Parul: A five-petaled flower known for its beauty.
Rachana: One who is like the creation.
Ragini: Like a melody or music.
Rathi: The hindu goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure.
Saachi: Truth.
Suhasini: One with a beautiful laughter or smile.
Tamanna: Wish or desire.
Vaani: Speech.

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