20 Unique Fall-inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Autumn, also known as fall in North American English, is the most beautiful season of the year. Fall is the season of harvest, and the leaves turn red or gold and are shedding from trees. The sky is blue, and the temperature cools down considerably. If you have a baby due in the Fall season, you could consider choosing a fall-inspired name for him or her. Here comes our selection of 20 unique options for your baby boys or girls.

Fall-inspired Boy Names

Asher: Hebrew name that means "happy."

Aspen: Nature-inspired name that means "quaking tree." The Aspen tree has heart-shaped leaves, and these leaves turn gold in the fall.
Aurelius: Latin name that means "golden, gilded."
Forrest: One who lives by a forest. The name Forrest has a charming and classic ring.
Griffin: Welsh name that means "prince."
Linden: Old English name that means "lime tree hill."
Morgan: Welsh name that means "circling sea." The name Morgan hails from the traditional legend of the powerful sorceress sister or stepsister of King Arthur.
Orville: French name that means "gold town."
Paisley: Scottish name that means "textile pattern."
Phoenix: Greek name that means "dark red." The name Phoenix symbolizes immortality, because it was a beautiful mythological bird that was reborn from the ashes. It is also a fantasy name that evokes the moon goddess for Halloween.

Fall-inspired Girl Names

Autumn: The season of harvest.

Hazel: Nature-inspired name that means "hazel nut tree," and it ranges from light brown to yellowish brown.
Honor: Thanksgiving-inspired name that means "dignity." Jessica Alba named her first born daughter Honor Marie Warren.
Laurel: Latin name that means "the bay, or laurel, plant."
Nova: Latin name that means "new."
Octavia: Latin name that means "eighth." October is the 8th month of the ancient Roman calender.
Rory: Gaelic name that means "great."
Sapphire: Hebrew name that means "gemstones," and it is often associated with the fall months September, October, and November.
Scarlett: This pretty name means "red," and it is often associated with the shades of fall.
Sita: The Hindu goddess of the harvest.

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