100 Biblical Girl Names For Your Pretty Baby Girls

Biblical girl names have been popular since they came into being, and they never run of style. If you are looking for some biblical names for your baby girls, you're sure to check out our collection of biblical girl names. These names come from The Bible, The Old Testament, and the New Testament, and they make good names for your pretty girls.

Abigail: My father is joyful.

Abihail: The father is strength.
Abishai: The present of my father.
Ada: Noble, nobility.
Adah: Beautiful, ornament.
Angela: Angelic.
Anna: Grace.
Ariel: Light or lion of god.
Artemis: Whole; sound.
Atarah: Crown.
Bathsheba: Daughter of an oath.
Bethany: The house of song; the house of affliction.
Bethel: The house of god.
Beulah: Married.
Bilhah: Who is old or confused.
Candace: Who possesses contrition.
Charity: Dear.
Chloe: Young green shoot.
Claudia: Lame.
Damaris: A little woman.
Deborah: Bee.
Delilah: To flirt.
Dinah: God will judge.
Drusilla: Fruitful.
Eden: Pleasure; delight.
Edna: Pleasure; delight.
Elisha: Alicia.
Elizabeth: Pledged to god.
Esther: Star.
Eva: Life.
Eve: Life.
Faith: Loyalty; belief.
Galilee: The province.
Grace: Favor; blessing.
Hannah: Grace.
Havilah: Stretch of sand.
Honey: Nectar.
Hope: Expectation; belief.
Jael: Mountain goat.
Jasper: Treasure holder.
Jemimah: Dove.
Jerusha: Inheritance.
Jewel: Delight.
Joanna: God is gracious.
Joy: Happiness.
Judith: Woman from judea.
Julia: Downy; soft and tender hair.
Keturah: Incense.
Keziah: Cassia tree.
Leah: Weary.
Lillian: Elegant flower, a symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty.
Lillith: Night monster, storm goddess.
Lois: Better.
Lydia: Woman from lydia.

Magdalen: Woman from magdala or high tower.
Magdalena: From magdala.
Mara: Bitter; bitterness.
Martha: Lady.
Mary: Bitter.
Mercy: Compassion, forbearance.
Michal: Michael.
Miriam: Wished-for child.
Myra: I flow; pour out; weep.
Naomi: Pleasantness.
Neriah: Light; lamp of the lord.
Olive: Fruitfulness; beauty; dignity.
Oprah: Dust; lead; a fawn.
Orpah: A fawn.
Paula: Small; little.
Peninah: Pearl.
Prisca: Ancient.
Priscilla: Ancient.
Rachel: Ewe.
Rebecca: Fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased.
Rebekah: Rebecca.
Rhoda: A rose.
Rose: A rose.
Ruby: The red gemstone.
Ruth: Compassionate friend.
Salome: Peace.
Sapphira: That relates or tells.
Sarah: Princess.
Sarai: Sarah.
Sharon: His plain; his song.
Sherah: Flesh; relationship.
Shiloh: Peace; abundance; his gift.
Shiphrah: Handsome; trumpet; that does good.
Susannah: Lily.
Tabitha: Gazelle.
Talitha: A young woman.
Tamar: Date palm tree.
Tamara: Palm or date palm; palm tree.
Terah: To breathe; scent; blow.
Tirzah: Benevolent or pleasing.
Victoria: Victory.
Zemira: Song; vine; palm.
Zillah: Shadow.
Zilpah: Distillation from the mouth.
Zina: Shining.
Zipporah: Bird.

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