200 Unique Pretty Girl Names For Your Beautiful Babies

Pretty girl names are timeless topic. When coming up to girl names, nothing are better than those unique and pretty names. Here comes our selection of 200 unique girl names that are unique, beautiful, hot, and pretty. Check out the below list and select your favorite girl name for your beloved baby girl.

Abby: Father in rejoicing.

Ada: German for Noble.
Adele: Adele is a girl's name of Old German origin, and the meaning of Adele is "noble kind; noble, soft, tender". Adele is an ancient name popular in medieval Europe because of the fame of a seventh-century saint, a daughter of the Frankish king Dagobert II.
Agnes: One who is chaste or pure.
Alexa: Man's defender. Also a variant of Alexandra.
Amelia: Latin for "rival, eager work". This old-fashioned and pretty name is a variation of Emily, but it's more distinctive. Henry Fielding may possibly have first coined it for the heroine of his novel "Amelia". Amelia Earhart was the 1st woman to fly across Atlantic Ocean.
Angel: Spirit or messenger with feathered wings on their backs.
Aurora: Aurora is a girl's name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Aurora is "dawn". Aurora was the Roman goddess of sunrise. In some versions of the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty", the princess's name is Aurora.
Bambi: Bambi is a white-tailed deer in Disney's animated drama film Bambi. The film received three Academy Award nominations: Best Sound, Best Song and Original Music Score. Also a short form for Bambina.
Beatrice: Beatrice is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Beatrice is "voyager through life; blessed". Queen Victoria named one of her daughters Beatrice. Also beloved heroine of Dante's "Divine Comedy" and of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing".
Blair: Dweller of the meadow.
Blake: Blake is a unisex baby name of Old English origin, and the meaning of Blake is "black; pale, white". Originally a nickname for someone with hair or skin that was either very dark or very light.
Bonita: A feminine given name means "pretty, cute" in Spanish and Portuguese.
Brooke: The name Brooke is a unisex baby name, and the meaning of Brooke is "lives by the stream". Brooke is also a surname, it can also be seen as a stylish water name. Brooke Shields took it from quietly fashionable to ultra trendy when she was just a young girl.
Bryony: Vine.
Buffy: Strong, beautiful and funny.
Cadence: With rhythm, modern name based on the musical term. Cadence Roth is the main character in the novel "Maybe the Moon".
Callie: Greek for "beautiful, lovely".
Candy: Candy is sweet, and one of the favorite things about Halloween is candy.
Cat: Catlike.
Cece: Blind.
Celia: Heaven.
Chanel: Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel was the legendary fashion designer. Also a number of famous perfumes.
Charis: Charis is a girl's name of Greek origin, and the meaning of Charis is "grace". In mythology, Charis was a reference to the Three Graces, symbols of womanly beauty, charm, and inspiration. The graces were Aglais (brilliance), Thalia (flowering), and Euphrosyne (joy).
Charlize: Free man.
Chastity: Chastity.
Clarise: Latin girl name that means "fame."
Daisy: Day's eye, also a flower with a yellow disk and white rays. Often used as a nickname for Margaret. Henry James named the typical American girl in Europe as Daisy Miller in his story.
Dana: From Denmark.
Daphne: Laurel.
Darcy: From Arcy.
Dede: Swarthy.
Delilah: Delilah is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Delilah is "languishing, lovelorn, seductive".
Delores: Sorrows.
Elina: Torch.
Eliza: Cockney flower girl Eliza Dolittle in "My Fair Lady".
Ella: A short form of Eleanor and Ellen, meaning "light." Also mean "beautiful fairy woman" in English and "Goddess" in Hebrew.
Emelda: Entire battle.
Emmaline: Uncertain, perhaps work.
Erin: A poetic name for Ireland, the name was recently gained in popularity in the North.
Esme: French for esteemed, beloved, and emerald. Also a character in Twilight, and Michael J. Fox chose it for his daughter born in 2001.
Evelyn: Life. Evelyn Salt is a trained CIA operative in the American action thriller spy film Salt.
Faith: Great place name, song name, given name and surname.
Felicity: Happiness and lucky.
Fern: A name from nature, Fern is a green shade-loving plant.
Fleur: Flower. Also one of the main character in John Galsworthy's novel "The Forsyte Saga".
Flora: Flower. Also the Roman goddess of spring.
Florence: Girl name of Latin origin means "flowering, in bloom". Also the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. It is famous for its history, and it attracts millions of tourists each year.
Francesca: The most famous bearer was the beautiful Francesca di Rimini, daughter of Giovanni da Polenta.
Frankie: Frenchman. Made famous by the name of the heroine of "The Ballad of Frankie and Johnny".
Freya: Old Norse name that means "lady." In Scandinavian mythology, Freya was the goddess of love and fertility.
Gabriel: God is my strength.
Gaynor: Son Of The Blond Man.
Gia: Earth.
Gillian: Down-bearded youth.
Ginger: Pep, liveliness; ginger. Refers to the pungent root used as a spice. Used to describe red-headed people in modern-day UK .
Grace: Grace is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Grace is "favor; blessing". In Greek mythology, there are three Graces and they were goddesses of nature: Aglaia (brillance), Thalia (flowering), and Euphrosyne (joy).
Gretchen: German variant of Margaret, which means "pearl".
Harmony: Harmony is a unisex baby name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Harmony is "unity, concord". In mythology, Harmonia was the Greek goddess of order and daughter of Aphrodite. Today Harmony has become a hippie name with a sweet meaning.
Harper: The name Harper is a unisex baby name, and the meaning of Harper is "harpist, minstrel". Harper is a celebrity favorite, chosen by the Beckhams, Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Hader, Jenna Fischer, and more.
Harriet: Home ruler.
Hazel: A name from nature, the hazel tree, light brown. A hazelnut has a thin, dark brown skin. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski named their daughter Hazel, they went through a few different ones and finally John found the name Hazel, and they both really like this old-fashioned name. Julia Roberts also named one of her twins Hazel in 2004.
Heather: An evergreen flowering plant that thrives on peaty barren lands, including the cranberry, blueberry, huckleberry, azalea and more.
Hester: Star.
Hope: Very popular place name and song name.
Hyacinth: A beautiful spring flower and also a well known, old fashioned girl’s name.
Ida: A Greek nymph who cared for the infant Zeus on Mount Ida in mythology.
Imogen: Maiden.
India: A country in South Asia.
Ines: Meek. Chaste. Variant Of Agnes.
Isobel: Pledged to God.
Ivy: An evergreen climbing ornamental plant which represents fidelity and eternity.
Jade: The precious green stone which was believed to have the magical power of providing protection against disorders of the intestines. The birthstone of babies born in March.
Jamie: Supplanter.
Jasmine: The tropical plant having colorful, fragrant flowers used in perfumes and teas.
Jessa: God beholds.
Juno: Queen of the heavens.
Kara: Friend.
Karly: Free man.
Kayla: Irish for "slim and fair" or Arabic for "wise child".
Keira: Dark.
Kimberly: From the wood of the royal forest. Also the capital of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.
Kora: Greek name that means "maiden."
Kristen: Follower of Christ.
Kylie: Graceful.

Lacey: Lacy.
Laila: Arabic for Night Beauty.
Lara: Lara Croft is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Square Enix video game series Tomb Raider. She is presented as a beautiful, intelligent, and athletic English archaeologist-adventurer who ventures into ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the world.
Laurie: Laurel.
Lena: The easternmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean.
Lenore: Pity.
Lexi: Defending men.
Lilith: Belonging to the night.
Lilly: Lily.
Lola: Lola is a hot starbaby name, and the meaning of Lola is "lady of sorrows".
Mackenzie: The largest and longest river system in Canada.
Macy: Weapon. Also a character on the soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful".
Maddie: Pet form of Mad- names.
Malory: Luckless.
Margot: Pearl.
Masie: Greek name that means "pearl."
Meadow: A field habitat vegetated by primarily grass and other non-woody plants.
Melody: Melody is a baby girl name of Greek origin, and the meaning of Melody is "music, song". Melody is something like the name Lyric, but it is suitable for a girl name and it is more cheerful.
Morgan: Uncertain, perhaps bright sea.
Nala: African for Successful. Also a female lion character from Disney's The Lion King.
Nancy: City situated in the Lorraine region of France.
Naomi: Hebrew for Pleasant. A strong, sophisticated choice that now has a modern feel. And a positive association with famously beautiful ladies, actress Watts and supermodel Campbell, enhances its appeal.
Nell: Shining light.
Nora: The heroine of Ibsen's "A Doll's House".
Octavia: Eighth.
Olivia: A feminine form of Oliver. The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. Today, "extending an olive branch" traditionally signifies an offer of peace.
Opal: Opal is a semiprecious iridescent gemstone, which reflects light in a dazzling display of colors. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia, which produces 97% of the world's supply. Opal is the birthstone of October. The name Opal is ultimately derived from Sanskrit and it means "Jewel".
Paige: A very young child.
Patience: Patience.
Payton: Settlement of P?“ga.
Peace: Peaceful.
Pearl: A pearl is a milky-colored gem produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusc. The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones. Pearls have been associated with innocence and modesty. Because it comes from the sea, it also has associations with the moon and with water. Pearls are also traditionally considered appropriate jewelry for debutantes and brides. The pearl is the birthstone for the month of June.
Penny: A coin used in several English-speaking countries.
Phoenix: Phoenix.
Piper: The name Piper is a unisex baby name, and the meaning of Piper is "pipe player". Parents choose this name for its musical meaning, and it's fit for a boy or girl who is both creative and friendly.
Pixie: A fairy like creature. Playful and mischievous.
Poppy: Poppy is a girl's name of Latin origin, and it is a flower name. Poppy makes an especially good choice for a redhead. Jamie Oliver used Poppy for his daughter Poppy Honey Rosie, as did Anthony Edwards, Jessica Capshaw, and Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.
Primrose: First rose.
Prue: Latin for "caution, discretion."
Queenie: Female ruler.
Quinn: Quinn is an Irish surname occasionally used for girls, and the meaning of Quinn is "wise". The Quinns are primarily from Antrim, Clare, Longford and Tyrone, where their surname is the most common.
Raine: Raine is of Hebrew, Sanskrit and Latin origin, and the meaning of Raine is "she is singing; queen".
Ramona: Ramona is of Spanish and Old German origin, and the meaning of Ramona is "protecting hands". Feminine of Ramon and Raymond.
Raven: The large black bird related to the crow.
Raya: Friend.
Regina: Latin for Queen. Also the capital city of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Renata: Reborn.
Renee: Reborn.
River: A flowing body of water. River is the first child of Kelly Clarkson and her new husband Brandon Blackstock. Most of the notable Rivers have been male, but this nature name certainly flows as well for a girl. The name river is one of the leading nature names inspired by water.
Rosa: Rose.
Rosemary: Latin for "dew of the sea". Also a blend of Rose and Mary, or refers to the fragrant herb, which in folklore is the emblem of remembrance.
Roxy: Star.
Ruby: Ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, and it is considered one of the four precious stones, together with the sapphire, the emerald and the diamond. The name Ruby comes from ruber, Latin for red.
Saffron: The flower saffron is used as a spice as well as a bright orange-yellow color dye.
Sahara: The African desert.
Saige: Aromatic herb.
Samantha: Listener.
Sara: Princess.
Sasha: Defending men.
Scarlett: Red. Brought into use as a given name due to Margaret Mitchell's heroine Scarlett O'Hara in the novel "Gone With the Wind".
Selena: Selena was the moon goddess, sister to Helios, the sun, and companion to the names Diana and Cynthia.
September: From the month.
Serena: Composed.
Shelby: A place where willows grow.
Skye: Cloud.
Sophia: Sophia is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Sophia is "wisdom". Sophie is the French form.
Star: A variant of Starla, also an astronomical name based on "star".
Suki: To like.
Tabitha: beauty and grace or gazelle.
Tamsin: Twin.
Tara: Eminence or distinction.
Tatum: Tate's homestead.
Taylor: A town in Geneva and Houston Counties in the U.S. state of Alabama. Made popular due to characters named Taylor on the soap operas "The Bold and the Beautiful".
Teagan: Little poet.
Tessa: Born fourth.
Tia: Princess Or Crowned One.
Tori: Conqueror.
Trinity: Threefold.
Trixy: Twin.
Uma: Flax.
Ursula: Female bear.
Veda: Veda is of Sanskrit origin, and the meaning of Veda is "knowledge, wisdom". The Vedas are the four sacred books of the Hindus.
Velma: Will, desire and helmet, protection.
Venus: Goddess of love and beauty.
Vera: Russian for Faith, or Albanian for Summer. A breezy name for girls.
Verity: Truth.
Veronica: Victory bringer.
Violet: Violet is a girl's name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Violet is "purple". One of the earliest flower names, Shakespeare used the Latin form Viola for the enterprising heroine in "Twelfth Night".
Virginia: One of the fifty states of the United States of America.
Wallis: Foreigner.
Willa: German for "determined protector". Feminine of William.
Willow: Tree with narrow, lance-shaped leaves.
Winona: Eldest daughter.
Winter: The coldest season of the year in polar climates and temperate climates, between autumn and spring.
Xandra: Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.
Xena: Foreigner.
Xia: Welcoming; hospitable.
Yazmin: Jasmine.
Yelena: Bright, shining one.
Yolanda: The violet flower.
Yvette: Yew.
Yvonne: Yew.
Zada: Lucky.
Zaheera: Shining. Luminous.
Zali: Princess.
Zara: Arabic name that means star or flower.
Zaya: A victorious woman.
Zelda: German for Dark Battle.
Zelina: Zealous.
Zeva: Sword.
Zoe: Zoe was a minor goddess whose name means "life.".
Zola: Meaning uncertain.
Zora: Dawn. Brave and important 19th century novelist.
Zula: Variation on Zulu.
Zuri: My rock.

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