120 Unique Spanish Girl Names With Great Meanings

Spanish is a Romance language that originated in the Castile region of Spain and today has hundreds of millions of native-speakers across the world. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is also used as an official language by the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Union of South American Nations, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and by many other international organizations. Spanish baby names are fun, playful, and adventurous. Check out our selection of 100 unique Spanish girl names with great meanings.

Alma: The soul.

Anita: Graceful, merciful.
Beatriz: Brings happiness.
Bebe: Stranger.
Belinda: Beautiful.
Bella: Beautiful.
Blanca: White; shining.
Bonita: Pretty little one.
Brisa: Breeze.
Carina: Little darling.
Carissa: Very dear.
Carlotta: Manly.
Carmen: Garden.
Catalina: Pure.
Chica: Little girl.
Chiquita: Little girl.
Cielo: Heaven.
Consuela: Solace.
Coraima: Maiden, virgin.
Corazon: Heart.
Cornelia: Horn.
Dahlia: Flowering branch.
Damita: Little noble.
Delora: Sorrows.
Delores: Sorrows.
Eldora: Blond or gift of the sun.
Elena: Shining light, or bright one.
Elsa: My god is bountiful.
Emelda: Entire battle.
Esmeralda: Emerald.
Esperanza: Hope.
Felicia: Happy, lucky.
Fernanda: Bold voyager.
Flor: Flowering, blooming.
Frederica: Peaceful ruler.
Frida: Peaceful ruler.
Fuensanta: Holy fountain.
Gabriela: God is my strength.
Giselle: Hostage.
Gitana: Gypsy.
Graciela: Graceful beauty.
Hada: Noble spirit.
Idola: Idol.
Inez: Pure.
Inocencia: Innocent.
Isabela: My God is bountiful.
Jacinta: Hyacinth or purple.
Jade: Stone of the colic.
Juana: God's gift.
Julia: Latinate feminine form of the name Julius.
Justina: Fair or just.

Lalo: Rich guardian.
Lareina: Queen.
Lela: Lofty.
Letitia: Happy.
Lita: Sorrow.
Lola: Sorrow.
Loretta: Pure.
Lucia: Light.
Lucinda: Light.
Luisa: Famous in war.
Luna: Moon.
Lupe: Wolf.
Luz: Light.
Macaria: Truly blessed.
Madrona: Mother.
Magdalena: Bitter.
Marcela: Warring.
Marcia: Of Mars.
Maria: Bitter.
Marina: Of the sea.
Marta: Lady.
Melia: Plumeria.
Melosa: Sweet.
Mercedes: Mercy.
Mona: Little noble one.
Mora: Mulberry.
Natalia: Birthday.
Nelia: Yellow.
Neva: Snowy.
Nieve: Our lady of the snows.
Nina: Girl.
Nita: Grace.
Olinda: Protector.
Paloma: Dove.
Patia: Leaf.
Perdita: Lost.
Presencia: Presence.
Querida: Beloved.
Reina: Queen.
Ria: From the river's mouth.
Rima: Rhyme, poetry.
Risa: Laughter.
Rita: Pearl.
Roberta: Shining fame.
Rocio: Dew.
Rosa: Rose.
Rosalinda: Beautiful.
Rosario: Rosary.
Rosita: The flower rose.
Sancha: Holy.
Sancia: Holy.
Santana: Holy.
Senalda: A sign, symbol.
Sierra: Mountain range.
Soledad: Mary of Solitude.
Sonora: Sounding pleasant.
Tasia: Resurrection.
Tia: Aunt.
Tierra: Earth.
Valencia: Power.
Ventura: Good fortune.
Vida: Life.
Xiomara: Battle ready.
Yolanda: Violet.
Zanita: God's gift.
Zelia: Zeal.
Zerlina: Beautiful dawn.
Zita: Little hope.
Zoila: Life.

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