30 Unique French Boy Names And Girl Names With Meanings

France is a country of love and romantic, so do French baby names. If you are interested in French names, you could consider this selection of 30 unique French baby names. These names come from French languages and cultures, and they make good names for your romantic boys or girls.

French Boy Names

Archibald: Genuine, bold, brave.

Arnaud: Ruler of eagles.
Casanova: A man known for his amorous adventures.
Damien: One who tames.
Dozier: Living near willows.
Guismo: Good news.
Jacque: Supplanter.
Matisse: One who is gifted.
Merle: Blackbird.
Milou: Snowy.
Odie: Rich.
Rafale: Drift.
Rockford: Hard rock.
Rembrandt: Something dead cool and classic.
Ulysse: To hate.

French Girl Names

Adele: Noble.

Adieu: Farewell.
Angeline: Messenger.
Babette: God is satisfaction.
Babou: Slang for Baby.
Bearnaise: A rich sauce made from egg yolks, lemon juice or wine vinegar, butter, shallots, herbs, and seasoning.
Bebe: Baby.
Bella: Beautiful.
Brie: Marshland.
Channel: Canal.
Coco: Pet name.
Gigi: Earth worker.
Lilo: Generous one.
Monaco: Solitary.
Paris: The prince of Troy whose abduction of Helen provoked the Trojan War.

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