Top 10 Popular Girl Names In San Diego for 2016

The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency has revealed the most popular girl names in San Diego County in 2016. Emma took top honors for the second year in a row, other names are listed below. Of course these popular girl names are very good, if you do not care they are overused, you could choose your favorite girl names for your little girls from the below list.

Emma: English name that means "whole" or "universal," popular since the 19th century. Emma made a surprise return to the Number 1 spot, thanks to a legion of Emma heroines, from Bovary to Goldman to Jane Austen's protagonist. It's simple but has deep history, is streamlined and modern-feeling yet distinctly feminine. Parents who love Emma but think it's overexposed have been moving to such alternatives as Amelia, Emilia, Amelie, Emmeline, and Ella.

Mia: Latin name that means "mine" or "wished-for child." We see Mia as the daughter of Nina, or maybe Maya, and the granddaughter of Mary. It works for the parent who wants a name that is simple and modern, and for those who seek a name with genuine depth given that it springs from Maria.
Isabella: Spanish and Italian variation of Elizabeth, which means "devoted to God" in Hebrew. England, France, Portugal, and Hungary all had royal Isabellas in their courts. It's feminine but also classic, feeling both modern and traditional, is popular among parents ranging from Anglophile to Hispanic.
Olivia: A feminine form of Oliver. The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. Today, "extending an olive branch" traditionally signifies an offer of peace. Olivia is a lovely Shakespearean name with an admirable balance of strength and femininity.
Sophia: Sophia is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Sophia is "wisdom". Sophia has a sensuous sound and high-minded meaning. The name Sophia was used by European royalty in the Middle Ages. Sophie is the French form.
Sofia: Greek name that means "wise." There are many variations of the spelling of Sofia throughout the world, but the most common American alternate spelling is Sophia. As the name of a Greek saint and queens of Russia and Spain, Sofia is the elegant choice of several celebs.
Victoria: Victoria is the ancient Roman goddess of victory, and it reflects the image of the long-reigning British queen. One possible role model is proto-feminist Victoria Woodhull. Ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and Victoria's Secret have given the name a more modern edge, and it also has been a Twilight name.
Charlotte: An elegant royal name that means "free." It is the feminine form of Charles. Charlotte is appealing to a wide range of parents because it sounds feminine yet grownup, sophisticated yet lush.
Ava: Latin name that means "life." Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman chose Ava for their daughters. Some parents love Ava's simplicity and style, and it is also attractive.
Emily: Latin name that means "industrious, striving." It was the most popular name for over a decade because it is feminine, classic, simple, pretty, and strong. Modern Emilys in the spotlight include a number of the hottest young actresses-Emily Blunt, Emily Mortimer, Emily Deschanel, and Emma Stone.

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