22 Winter Names For Your Little Girls

Winter is a beautiful season, the earth is covered with snow and ice. Few plants keep green, but it is the rebirth of spring, it brings the Christmas day, the new year, and a new start. If you have a baby boy due in Winter, you could choose a winter-inspired name for him. Of course you could name your babies born in other seasons with winter name because it's just beautiful. Check out our selection of 22 beautiful winter-inspired girl names for your little babies.

Alaska: Native American name means "great land," and it brings to mind the beautiful, snow mountains and plains of the state Alaska.

Alba: Latin name means "bright and white," and it brings tomind the image of fresh white snow on a winter day.
Aspen: Very popular winter name inspired by nature, this tree name is also the name of a popular Colorado ski resort town.
Bianca: Italian name means "white, shining."
Crystal: Greek name means "ice." It reminds us of the beautiful icicles that decorate our homes every year.
Demetria: The name of the Greek goddess who is responsible for winter.
Eira: Welsh name means "snow."
Elsa: Originally a pet form of Elizabeth, now came to the forefront from Disney’s popular movie "Frozen."
Frostine: French name means "snow." This name is best-known in the United States as the name of the Candyland queen.
Holly: Taken from the name of the holly tree, an evergreen whose stiff, glossy, sharp-pointed leaves and clusters of red berries are used in Christmas decorations.
Ivy: Taken from the name of the plant, which is an evergreen climbing vine of the ginseng family. The Ivy looks bright and beautiful in the dead of winter.
January: The first month of the winter, and it is often used as baby name. January is named after Janus, the god of transitions and beginning. If you do not liike January, you could try Jenara, which means "January" in Latin.
Juniper: Juniper is a small evergreen shrub with lots of energy, and it makes a popular winter-inspired name.
Lumi: Finnish name means "snow."

Natalie: French name means "birthday." The name Natalie refers to the birthday of Jesus, and it is traditionally given to girls born on Christmas day.
Neva: Spanish name means "white, snow." The name Neva has a clean and pure aura. Neve is its variation form.
Nieves: Spanish name means "snows." The Disney Princess, Snow White, is translated in Spanish-speaking countries to Blanca Nieves.
Noelle: The feminine form of Noel, which means "Christmas." The name is commonly bestowed upon children borne during the Christmas season.
North: The cold wind comes from the north, and this direction-inspired name is very popular today, after Kim Kardashian named her daughter North West.
Olwen: Welsh name means "white footprint," references to the walk we take during the winters in the snow.
Snow: Snow is now an official baby girl name, and it is fresh, pure, evocative, and magical.
Winter: Winter is now a full-fledged female choice, especially since Nicole Richie and Joel Madden used it for daughter Harlow's middle name. Winter was been used as a first name as early as the seventeenth century.

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