100 Unique Baby Names That Mean Peace

Peace is a beautiful word to everyone, and it means "calm, serenity, tranquility, friendship, and harmony." In many languages, the word for peace is also used as a greeting or a farewell, for example the Hawaiian word Aloha, as well as the Arabic word Salaam. When coming up with baby names, giving your little baby with a peaceful name will make him or her a peaceful person. Here comes our selection of 100 peaceful baby names for your little boys or girls that mean peace, serenity, and tranquility in various origins and cultures. The bird Dove is a symbol of peace, and the associated names include Calum, Colm, Columba, Dove, Jonah, Jemima, and Paloma. Olive is another symbol of peace, extending an olive branch traditionally signifies an offer of peace, the related names include Oliver, Olive, and Olivia.

Peaceful Baby Names For Boys

Noah and Oliver may be the most popular boy names that mean peace. Frederick is a very popular peaceful name in German. We like the name Placido, this Spanish name has an interesting sounding.

Aaru: Egyptian name means "peaceful." In the Egyptian mythology, the fields of Aaru were the heavenly paradise where Osiris ruled.
Absalom: Hebrew name means "father of peace."
Alfred: English name means "old peace."
Amandeep: Hindi name means "lamp of peace."
Amenhotep: Egyptian name means "peace of Amon."
Axel: German name means "father of peace."
Benjiro: Japanese name means "enjoy peace."
Bohumir: Slavic name means "peace world."
Calum: AGaelic name means "dove," a bird commonly associated with peace.
Case: English name means "bringer of peace."
Casimir: Polish name means "bringer of peace."
Colm: Irish name means "dove," a bird commonly associated with peace.
Columba: Latin name means "dove."
Concord: Puritan virtue name means "peace."
Frederick: German name means "peaceful ruler."
Freed: Old English name means "free, peace."
Fritz: German name means "peaceful ruler."
Galen: Greek name means "calm, tranquil."
Garvey: Irish name means "rough peace."
Gavreel: Angel of peace. Gavreel guides us when we need to make peace with our enemies.
Geoffrey: French name means "divine peace."
Godfrey: Gaelic name means "God's peace."
Humphrey: English name means "giant, peace."
Ingram: Scandinavian name means "raven of peace."
Irenaeus: Latin name means "peaceful."
Jalen: A modern take on the name Galen, which means "calm."
Jonah: Hebrew name means "dove," a bird commonly associated with peace.
Kazuki: Japanese name means "harmony, peace."
Kynaston: English name means "royal peace settlement."
Manakel: Angel of peace. Manakel protects and guides the animals, fish and plant life that dwell in the sea.
Manfred: English name means "hero's peace."
Milo: German name means "peaceful, calm."
Miroslav: Slavic masculine name means "peace and glory."
Noah: Hebrew name means "peaceful."
Oliver: The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. Today, "extending an olive branch" traditionally signifies an offer of peace.
Paciano: Spanish name means "peaceful."
Pax: Latin name means "peace."
Paxton: English name means "from the peaceful farm."
Paz: Spanish name means "peace."
Placido: Spanish name means "calm, peaceful."
Reizo: Japanese name means "cool, calm."
Renfrew: Welsh name means "calm river."
Rinji: Japanese name means "peaceful forest."
Salamon: Biblical name means "peace."
Salem: Hebrew name means "peace."
Sheehan: Irish name means "little peaceful one."
Shlomo: Hebrew name means "peace."
Siegfried: German name means "victorious peace."
Solomon: Hebrew name means "peace."
Stellan: Swedish name means "calm."
Tulley: Gaelic name means "peaceful."
Tully: Gaelic name means "peaceful."
Wilfred: English name means "peace."
Zalman: Hebrew name means "peaceful." The name is borne in the Bible by the son and successor of King David, renowned for his wisdom and ability to communicate with animals.

Peaceful baby names for girls

Olivia, a lovely Shakespearean name with an admirable balance of strength and femininity, is almost the most popular girl name in English language world. In ancient Greece, the olive was a symbol of Athena as well as a token of peace and fertility, and olive wreaths were awarded to the winners at the Olympic games. Lala and Lulu are cute girl names that mean peace. Shiloh is a favorite of celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose it for their daughter.

Amani: Kiswahili name means "peace."

Amity: French name means "friendship, harmony."
Aquene: Native American name means "peace."
Axelle: Hebrew name means "peace."
Chessa: Slavic name means "at peace."
Columba: Latin name means "dove."
Concordia: Latin name means "harmony."
Dove: English name means "bird representing peace."
Eir: Norse name means "peacefulness, mercy."
Eirene: Greek name means "peace."
Erin: Gaelic name means "peace; Poetic name for Ireland."
Evania: Greek name means "peaceful."
Fia: Scottish name means "dark of peace."
Frederica: Old German name means "peaceful ruler."
Frida: Icelandic name means "peace."
Frideswide: English name means "peace strength."
Fritzi: German name means "peaceful ruler."
Galina: Greek name means "calm."
Harmony: English name means "unity, concord."
Irene: Spanish name means "peace."
Irini: Greek name means "peace."
Jemima: British name means "dove."
Karinya: Aboriginal Australian name means "peaceful home."
Lana: Hawaiian name means "calm as still waters."
Leem: Arabic name means "peace."
Lulu: Swahili name means "calm, peaceful."
Malie: Hawaiian name means "tranquil, calm."
Mira: Latin name means "wonderful, peace."
Naimah: Arabic name means "peace, calm."
Olive: A branch from the olive tree has long been regarded as a symbol for peace.
Olivia: Another name that stems from the olive tree, which is a traditional peace symbol.
Pacifica: Spanish name means "peaceful." The name Pacifica sounds tranquil and harmonious.
Paloma: Latin name means "dove," a symbol of peace.
Paz: Spanish name means "peace," taken from the title of the Virgin Mary.
Peale: Latin name means "peace."
Placida: Latin name means "tranquil, serene, peaceful."
Rena: Greek name means "peace."
Salima: Muslim name means "safe, mild."
Salome: Hebrew name means "peace, tranquil."
Selima: Arabic name means "peace."
Serene: Latin name means "tranquil."
Serena: Latin name means "tranquil, serene."
Serenity: English name means "serene, calm."
Shalom: Hebrew name means "peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility."
Shanta: Indian name means "pacified, calm."
Shiloh: Biblical name means "tranquility and peace."
Shulamit: Hebrew name means "peace."
Tullia: Irish name means "peaceful."
Winifred: German name means "peaceful friend."
Yasu: Japanese unisex name means "peaceful."
Zuelia: Arabic name means "peace."
Zulema: Hebrew name means "peace, tranquility."

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