30 Exotic Names For Your Little Pretty Girls

Exotic girls are usually girls from asia, south america, caribbean, mediterranean, persia, arabia, etc. Basically, anyone with tan skin, black shiny hair, big lushious lips, can dance and gyrate, curvy and smart. Exotic people have mysterious, alluring and sensual eyes. ALL will surrender to those eyes when an exotic girl permits a guy she likes to catch a glance of them. If you are looking for some exotic names for girls, look no more than this list. Check out the below list for 30 exotic girl names for your baby girls and enjoy!

Akila: Egyptian name means "intelligent."

Aldis: English name means "from the old house."
Alegra: Italian name means "joyful."
Amrita: Sanskrit name means "immortality."
Bastina: French name means "majestic."
Claudia: French name means "lame."
Cosimia: Greek name means "of the universe."
Dante: Latin name means "enduring."
Dita: Spanish name means "happy warfare, spoils of war."
Elise: French name means "pledged to God."
Evelina: Celtic name means "light."
Giana: Italian name means "God is gracious."
Ines: Italian name means "pure, virginal."
Ingrid: Norse name means "fair, beautiful."
Kady: Irish name means "a rhythmic flow of sounds."
Kaira: Scandinavian name means "pure."
Keely: Irish name means "beautiful."
Kiera: Irish name means "little dark one."
Krishna: Sanskrit name means "black, dark."

Layla: Arabic name means "night."
Lola: Spanish name means "sorrow."
Maya: Sanskrit name means "illusion."
Nova: Latin name means "new, young."
Rocco: Italian name means "rest."
Rosabel: English name means "rose."
Suri: Hebrew name means "princess."
Verena: Latin name means "true."
Zelda: Yiddish name means "happy."
Ziva: Hebrew name means "brightness."

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