30 Shakespearean Baby Names Start With C

William Shakespeare was the greatest writer in the English language, and he created lots of impressive characters. When coming up to baby names, Shakespeare has a name for any personality, his characters range from the heroic to the romantic to the diabolical. Check out our selection of 30 Shakespearean baby names for your boys or girls that start with C. We suggest boy names such as Cleon, Clitus and girl names Celia, Cobweb.

Cadwal - The second son of the king in Cymbeline, stolen away in infancy by Morgan, and brought up as Morgan's child.
Calchas - Cressida's father, has defected to the Greeks, and negotiates his daughter's exchange for a Trojan prisoner in Troilus and Cressida.
Caliban - Son of the witch Sycorax, is a deformed slave to Prospero in The Tempest.
Caphis - The servant of a Senator in Timon of Athens, sent to collect a debt due from Timon.
Capulet - Juliet's father in Romeo and Juliet.
Cassandra - A prophetess in Troilus and Cressida.
Caithness - A thane in Macbeth.
Celia - Rosalind's companion and cousin, and is daughter to Duke Frederick in As You Like It.
Ceres - A masquer in The Tempest.
Cerimon - A lord of Ephesus in Pericles, Prince of Tyre.
Charles - A wrestler, defeated by Orlando, in As You Like It.
Chatillion - An ambassador from France to England in King John.
Christopher - Christopher Sly is a drunken tinker in the induction to The Taming of the Shrew.
Cicero - A senator, hears Casca's account of strange portents, in Julius Caesar.
Claudio - A friend to Benedick and a follower of Don Pedro, in Much Ado About Nothing. He falls in love with Hero but is persuaded, wrongly, that she has been unfaithful.
Claudius - Claudius and Varro are guards in Brutus' tent, in Julius Caesar. They do not see Caesar's ghost.
Cleomines - A courtier to Leontes, who, with Dion delivers the oracle from Delphos in The Winter's Tale.
Cleon - Governor of Tarsus in Pericles, Prince of Tyre. Pericles brings food to save Cleon's starving people, and later trusts his new-born daughter into Cleon's care.
Clitus - A soldier, a follower of Brutus, in Julius Caesar. He refuses to aid Brutus' suicide.
Cloten - Son of the Queen and stepson to the king in Cymbeline, vainly loves Imogen, and eventually resolves to rape her.
Cobweb - A fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Conrade - A villain, a servant of Don John, in Much Ado About Nothing.
Corin - A kindly shepherd in As You Like It.
Cornelius - A doctor in Cymbeline, provides a fake poison to the Queen, which is later used on Imogen.
Costard - A clown and country bumkin from Love's Labour's Lost.
Courtesan - A courtesan dines with Antipholus of Ephesus, who finds himself locked out of his own home, in The Comedy of Errors.
Cressida - One of the title characters in Troilus and Cressida. The Trojan prince Troilus falls in love with this young daughter of a Trojan defector.
Curan - A follower of the Earl of Gloucester, in King Lear.
Curio - An attendant on Orsino in Twelfth Night.
Curtis - A servant of Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew.

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