20 Lightly Vintage Names For Girls

Many parents like vintage girl names, but they don't want their baby girls sound like stuffy old ladies. Lightly vintage girl names will be the perfect options for these parents, they are charming and suitable for your pretty little girls.

Ada - Derived from the German name Adelaide meaning noble.
Bonnie - Scottish name meaning beautiful. In the novel Gone with the Wind, Bonnie was the nickname of Scarlett and Rhett’s sweet little girl.
Cora - Cora is just one of the lovely vintage names that Downtown Abbey helped revitalize.Cora is derived from a Greek name meaning maiden. Currently at spot Number 88, Cora hasn’t been this popular since 1910.
Della - Diminutive of the German name Adela, which means noble.
Estelle - French name means star.
Etta - Diminutive of the name Henrietta meaning estate ruler.
Flora - Latin name means flower.
Hattie - Diminutive of Harriet, meaning estate ruler.
Iris - A less frilly flower name means rainbow. In Greek mythology Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.
June - Month name derived from the Roman goddess Juno.
Lavinia - A Latin name meaning from Lavinium, also one of Olivia alternatives.
Mabel - Derived from the named Amabel, meaning loveable.
Ottilie - Derived from the name Odilia meaning fortune.
Pearl - A granny-chic name, also the gemstone of June.
Poppy - The name of the sweet, cheery, red little flower.
Sylvie - A sweet French variation of Silvia, meaning of the forest.
Rosalie - A French form of Rosalia, meaning rose.
Tillie - A cutesy little name that began as a nickname for Matilda meaning strength in battle.
Vera - Russian name meaning faith or true. It has a very posh sound for the elegant designer namesake Vera Wang.
Willa - A feminine form of William meaning resolute protection.

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