15 Popular German Baby Names That Are Unexpected in America

If you are looking for some stylish and unexpected baby names, you could consider those popular German names. These names are romantic, vintage, and quirky, and they remain undiscovered by most of the American parents. Check out these Deutsch delights and select your favorite names for your boys or girls.

Leonie - Latin origin girl name means Lion. Leona, Leonia, Leon, Leo, Lionel are all its variations. The most notable namesake is American poet laureate Leonie Adams.
Emil - In the U.S., Emmett is the preferred boys' spin of Emily and Emma. But in Europe, it's Emil. Emil is a handsome and dignified option, appealing especially to those who want a cross-cultural name.
Nele - Nele is an adorable nickname for Cornelia, Nifty Nele has become a star in its own right.
Lenny - Diminutive of Leonard which means "brave lion." Lenny is just offbeat and energetic. Famous namesakes like Bruce and Kravitz give Lenny an edge.
Ida - Old German girl name means "industrious," Ida is sure to work its way back onto the American name landscape.
Anton - German and Scandinavian variation of Anthony, which means 'priceless one." Cultured and cultivated in an old-style, Old World way. Sometimes associated with the classic writer Anton Chekhov.
Finja - Derive from Old Norse name Finn meaning "fair, white." If you want a longer and more feminine name, Finja will be a suitable option.
Linus - Greek name means "flax." In Greek myth, Linus is both a musician and poet, the inventor of rhythm and melody who taught music to Hercules.
Romy - A nickname for Rosemary, Roma, Romana, Romeo, Roman, Romilly etc. Romy is a marvelous choice for a modern little girl, quite a few celebrity parents have picked this tomboyish choice for their daughters.
Timo - Norwegian variation of Timothy, which means "honoring God." As a newer and bolder option for boys, Timo stands out as an approachable and versatile name.
Magdalena - A pretty and elegant name forever associated with Mary Magdalene. It’s also been historically found in royal genealogies across Europe, giving the name some noble flair.
Moritz - A German variant of Maurice, which means "dark skinned." The name is also associated with the ski resort. Moritz is also old-fashioned and avant-garde, dynamic and serene.
Tilda - Diminutive of Matilda, which means "battle mighty." Actress Tilda Swinton is the preeminent wearer, imbuing the name with grace and personality.
Alessio - Italian variation of Alexis which means "defender." The name has an unforgettable melody and a dashing sort of style, with similarities to modern Alyssa and Alexander.
Luisa - Italian variation of Louisa, which means "renowned warrior." Luisa is an excellent name for a independent little one, it is a pretty, unusual, and exotic option.

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