Popular Irish Baby Names In America

Irish and Gaelic baby names are very popular in the United States. These Irish names possibly come from ancient genealogy, Irish place names, or Irish legends and folklore. If you are looking for an Irish name for your newborn baby, you may be interested in these trendy Irish baby names. From Austin and Connor to Molly and Kelly, we have figure out our collection of top 20 popular Irish baby names.

Popular Irish Boy Names

Ryan: descendant of the little king.

Austin: the Irish form of Augustine, a Latin name meaning "great" or "magnificent."
Connor: dog lover.
Kyle: woods.
Aidan: little fire.
Brian: noble.
Sean: Irish form of John, which means "gift from God."
Caden: battle.
Brady: spirited.
Quinn: descendant of Conn, which means "leader" or "chief."

Popular Irish Girl Names

Kayla: slender.

Erin: A poetic name for Ireland, the name was recently gained in popularity in the North.
Molly: Irish pet form of Mary.
Kelly: brave warrior.
Ashlyn: means "dream" or "vision."
Shannon: Place and river name in Ireland which possibly means "little wise one."
Kara: friend.
Kira: dark.
Tara: eminence or distinction.
Fiona: vine.

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