Welsh Baby Names: 144 Traditional Welsh Boy Names

Are you looking for some traditional names in Wales? Here comes the list. Our collection of traditional Welsh boy names will provide you the best options for your little boys. You will surely love these Welsh boy names with great meanings.

Adda: Welsh form of Adam.

Addaon: A son of Taliesin, known for being "the most eloquent and wisest young man in Britain."
Adeon: Wing.
Aedd: Fire.
Aeddan: Fire.
Aeron: Berry.
Afallon: Apple tree.
Alan: Rock.
Alawn: Melody.
Alban: Mountain.
Alec: Another form of Alexander.
Aled: River name.
Alun: A river in Flintshire.
Alwyn: White rock.
Amaethon: Farmer.
Amlodd: The grandfather of King Arthur in Irish legend.
Andreas: Greek for Man.
Arawn: The king of the underworld in the Mabinogion.
Arial: Vigor; courage.
Aron: The name of a saint.
Arthen: Bear.
Arthur: Bear king.
Arwyn: People's friend.
Awen: Muse.
Awsten: Great; magnificent.
Baeddan: Small-boar.
Barri: Mountain.
Barti: Another form of Bartholemew.
Bedaws: Birch tree.
Bevan: Son of Ifan.
Bledri: Wolf.
Bran: Crow; raven.
Brice: Son of Rhys.
Brychan: Freckled.
Bryn: Hill.
Brython: A Briton.
Cadell: Battle.
Cadog: Battle.
Caradog: Lover; loving person.
Cecil: Sixth.
Cei: Man from Caita.
Celyn: Holly.
Ceredig: Loveable; kind.
Ceri: love.
Clwyd: A historic region in Wales.
Coel: Trust.
Collen: Hazel tree.
Colwyn: The name of a river.
Conan: To grumble.
Conwy: The name of a river in Wales.
Cranog: A crane.
Crwys: Cross.
Cyffin: Names of streams in Gwynedd and Ceredigion.
Cymro: A Welshman.
Cynan: A 13th-century Welsh Prince.
Delwyn: Pretty boy.
Deri: Oak tree.
Dewi: Another form of David..
Dylan: Sea.
Eirian: Shining; fair.
Elffin: White.
Elidir: The name of a legendary handsome boy, who was loved by the gods.
Elis: Another form of Elias.
Evan: Anglicization of Iefan, a Welsh form of John.
Fychan: Small.
Gareth: A knight of the Round Table in Arthurian Legend. It means "civilized" or "gentleness."
Gawain: White hawk.
Geraint: Old man.
Gethin: Dusky; dark.
Gildas: A sixth-century Welsh saint and historian.
Glanmor: Clean; bright; great.
Glyn: Man from a valley.
Grigor: Watchful; vigilant.
Gruffydd: Prince.
Gwatcyn: Little Walter.
Gwaun: Heath.
Gwenlyn: White hill.
Gwili: The name of a river.
Gwilym: Welsh form of William.
Gwion: The childhood name of Taliesin the minstrel.
Gwydion: Speaker of poetry.
Gwyn: Blessed; holy.

Hafgan: Summer song.
Heilyn: Cup-bearer.
Heini: Sprightly; active.
Hergest: from a place name.
Heulyn: Ray of sun.
Huw: Welsh form of Hugh.
Hywel: Eminent.
Iago: Welsh form of James, meaning "supplanter."
Idris: A seventh century figure.
Idwal: Lord of the ramparts.
Ifan: A Welsh form of John.
Iolo: A short form of Iorweth.
Iorweth: Worthy lord.
Lewys: Louis.
Llew: Light; fair.
Llyr: Grey-haired.
Llywelyn: Leader.
Mabon: A Celtic god of youth.
Madog: Generous; forgiving.
Mael: Prince.
Math: The name of a legendary half-god, half-hero.
Medrawd: in Arthurian legend, he was the son of King Arthur.
Meical: A Welsh form of Michael.
Meilyr: Man of iron.
Meirion: Dairy farmer.
Meredudd: Great lord.
Merfyn: The name of a ninth-century king.
Moelwyn: Bare; white.
Morgan: Bright sea. Dwells near the sea.
Morien: Sea-born.
Nudd: Derived from a Celtic god name.
Owain: Born of Esos.
Pawl: Welsh form of Paul.
Pedr: Welsh form of Peter.
Peredur: A name from Arthurian legend.
Powel: Son of Hywel.
Pryderi: To care for.
Pwyll: Prudence; wisdom.
Rhein: Spear.
Rhodri: Circle; disc; crown.
Rhun: Great.
Rhydderch: Great king.
Rhys: Ardor.
Robat: Welsh form of Robert.
Seiriol: Shining; bright one.
Selwyn: Welsh form of Julian.
Siarl: Welsh form of Charles.
Siencyn: Welsh form of Jenkin, which is a diminutive of John.
Simwnt: Welsh form of Simon.
Sion: a Welsh form of John.
Sionyn: diminutive of Sion.
Sior: Welsh form of George.
Steffan: Welsh form of Stephen.
Sulien: Sun-born.
Sulwyn: White sun.
Taliesin: Radiant brow.
Tegwyn: Beautiful; fair.
Teilo: A sixth-century saint.
Tomos: Welsh form of Thomas.
Trefor: Large settlement.
Trystan: Noisy.
Wyn: White; pure; holy.

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