83 Traditional Indonesian Baby Girl Names

Indonesia is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Both nature and culture are major components of Indonesian tourism. The natural heritage can boast a unique combination of a tropical climate. The ancient Prambanan and Borobudur temples, Toraja and Bali, with its Hindu festivities, are some of the popular destinations for cultural tourism. If you had a unforgettable trip to Indonesian, or you just like Indonesian culture, you could consider choosing a Indonesian baby name for your baby boys or girls.

Adinda: Dear younger sister.

Agustina: Born in August.
Aini: The eye.
Angkasa: The sky.
Arti: Meaningful.
Arum: Smells good.
Asoka: Name of a flower.
Ati: The heart.
Atin: A common girl's name.
Bethari: Goddess.
Budiwati: The wise one.
Citra: Image.
Dewi: Goddess.
Diah: Teenage girl.
Dwi: The second child.
Eka: The first child.
Elok: Beautiful; awesome; jewel.
Endah: Beautiful.
Guritno: Poet; poetic.
Harum: Smells good.
Ika: One.
Indah: Beautiful.
Intan: Diamond.
Inten: Diamond.
Kade: A popular girl's name.
Kamboja: Frangipani.
Kemala: Magic stone.
Kemuning: Yellow flower.
Kristina: Christian woman.
Kristiyana: Christian woman.
Kristiyani: Christian woman.
Kunthi: Motherly.
Langit: The sky.
Lastri: A common girl's name.
Legi: Sweet.
Lestari: Everlasting.

Maharani: Empress.
Marshanda: Brave girl.
Mawar: Roses.
Mega: Clouds.
Melati: Jasmine.
Merpati: A dove.
Mlathi: Jasmine.
Murni: Pure.
Mustika: Magic stone; talisman.
Natalia: Born on Christmas Day.
Ndari: Full moon.
Niken: Village girl.
Ningrat: Noble.
Ningrum: Inside the soul.
Ningsih: With love.
Nini: Old woman.
Nirmala: Clear, pure.
Nur: Light.
Nuri: Colourful bird.
Peni: Pretty.
Permata: Precious stones.
Pertiwi: The earth.
Puja: To worship.
Putri: Princess.
Rara: Lesser nobility.
Ratih: Goddess of Beauty.
Ratu: Queen.
Ria: Merry.
Rima: Rhyme.
Sakti: Hard to beat.
Saraswati: Hindu Goddess of Learning.
Sari: Essence.
Sarwendah: Wholly beautiful.
Sembojo: Frangipani.
Setiawati: Loyal, faithful.
Sinta: Chastity.
Siti: Noble woman; earth.
Sujatmi: A popular girl's name.
Sukma: The soul.
Tri: The third child.
Tuti: An unusual girl's name.
Utama: Prominent; ultimate.
Utari: Patient.
Wangi: Fragrant.
Wani: Daring.
Wening: Quiet.
Wulan: Moon.

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